OFYR - the art of outdoor cooking

OFYR is designed to connect. The concept was set up in the Netherlands in 2015 and is now available in more than 80 countries. In our webshop you will find outdoor kitchens, barbecues, cooking utensils and accessories of very high quality. Read more.

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OFYR - the art of cooking outdoors

Nowadays there are countless ways to communicate digitally, but are we really connected?

A real sense of belonging often only manifests itself at dinner, during a drink or around the fire. OFYR sprang from the founder's desire to make outdoor cooking such a moment of connection.

The concept was first introduced in the Netherlands in 2015 and is now available in more than 80 countries. The collection now consists not only of outdoor kitchens, barbecues and fire bowls, but has also been supplemented with outdoor furniture, cooking utensils and high-quality accessories. A completely outdoor concept!

What makes OFYR special? Take a look at the unique simplicity, multifunctionality and beautiful design. Together these form a completely new way to cook outside and entertain guests. The multifunctionality of the OFYR is evident from the wide variety of recipes that can be prepared on it.

In Spain used with the OFYR to prepare huge pans of delicious paella. After a day of skiing around the OFYR, people in Switzerland gather for a glass of steaming mulled wine. OFYR unites people around the fire, regardless of the season.

Not only private lovers of beautiful design and good food love OFYR. Professional chefs also use the OFYR for catering at events and for cooking demonstrations. OFYR regularly passes in review in the professional cooking world, both on the terrace, for an unprecedented experience during dinner, on smaller occasions and at large-scale events.

There is a huge choice in our webshop. Below the general information so that you can make the right choice. Also a large number of videos with information about maintenance, lighting the fire and of course tips on how to put the tastiest dishes on the table!

There are different models available, the models with a diameter of 85cm are large enough to cook for an average family. There are models with or without wood storage. Models at table height where you can sit comfortably next to, or at bar height where you can stand around.

You can also choose colors; corten steel, coated steel, concrete, wood.

Feel free to look around! Do you have any questions?

We are here for you so contact us at: [email protected]

Below is a selection from OFYR's extensive collection & recipes;



Due to the weight, the assembly of the OFYR models must be done with at least 2 (and with some models even 4) people. The adjustable feet are suitable up to a maximum of 10mm to level unevenness in the surface, they are not suitable for adjusting the entire height of the stove. Felt is supplied with the black or coated models to prevent damage during assembly.



Fire Guard Ring

Wood storage

Some OFYR models have a practical storage space under the fire bowl. When you store things in here, there should be at least 20 cm free space under the fire bowl, because the temperature of the bowl rises very high.

Maintenance Grill unit and base

In general OFYR cooking appliances require little maintenance. The corten steel can discolour from oil splashes or rain. You can treat the entire plinth with some oil and a tea towel to make the splashes invisible.

The corten steel cone with shaft must be emptied after each use. If steel flakes form, you can easily remove them with a spatula.

The black-line products with black coating are very robust, it is of course always possible that scratches occur. That is why you will receive a free touch-up bottle with every cooking unit to repair small damage

The concrete base has been treated with wax, the sunlight may fade the shine. With the extra wax supplied you can make your appliance shine again.

Maintenance grill, lid and wooden parts

The grill is made of black steel and will rust if the oil is not burnt in sufficiently. Once the oil has burned in properly, only slight corrosion will occur. If the grill is not to be used for a long time, we recommend treating it with oil every 15 to 30 days. The amount of corrosion strongly depends on the climate. Of course, salty, moist air has more influence than dry air. It is not recommended to treat a cold grill with cooking oil. Instead, use an aerosol with pan greaser.

Just like the grill, the grillring can be treated with oil.

The coating can discolour from weather and sunlight. The best way to prevent such discoloration as much as possible is to wax the Snuffers and Covers from time to time. To prevent the wood of the bud from drying out, it can also be treated with wax. If the Cover is discolored, it can be treated with wax. The water will collect on both the Snuffers and the Covers as a result of the rain. This water must be removed to prevent / reduce any corrosion. We strongly advise against placing the Snuffer 85, 100 & XL and the Cover 85 and 100 sideways on a hard surface.

Wood is a natural product and can therefore always discolour and deform. To maintain quality, all wooden elements of our products can be treated with oil. Always store the wooden products indoors in a dry room with low humidity.

Get started!

Lighting the fire, what is the best way and which wood do you use for this?

Our preference is for beech wood which becomes thick charcoal. The ideal size for the logs is approximately 10x30 cm. We do not recommend using larger blocks of wood. These tend to catch fire quickly, but generally do not burn well due to the lack of room for oxygen in the cone. We recommend using wood without bark and storing it in a room with less than 15% humidity. For an evening of cooking (4 to 5 hours) you need on average about two OFYR wood bags of about 50 liters each, depending on the outside temperature and weather conditions.

Making fire the first time; It is important to light a smaller fire for about 30 minutes so that the hob can set properly. Once the hob has heated up really well, drizzle it with olive oil and rub it all over the plate with a tea towel. The olive oil mixes with the factory oil, making it easier to remove. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times.

The best way to start the fire; Stack the logs two by two, as if you were building a log cabin, with the bark side facing out to avoid smoke. You can largely prevent smoke formation when lighting the fire or when adding new firewood by using our OFYR® Buffadoo blowpipe, which allows the new wood to catch fire almost immediately. The outside temperature plays an important role in the time it takes for the hob to heat up properly. This time can vary between 25 and 30 minutes in the spring and summer to 45 to 60 minutes in the fall and winter.

Cooking techniques

The fire is on, ready to cook! And the OFYR has a lot of possibilities.

Once the wood of your first fire is burning well, spread the hot mass under the edges of the hob and add new wood in the center, bark side up. Depending on the weather conditions and the outside temperature, the hob can reach a temperature of about 300 ° C on the inner rim and about 200 ° C on the outer rim. You can slide the hot mass from one side to the other to create warm and colder zones. This way you can use one part as a hot wood plate and another part for further cooking. The cedar planks are also ideal for keeping food warm after grilling.

Vegetable oil works best with the OFYR. During the first few times we recommend olive oil, because it gives the plate a nice dark shade. Then we recommend an oil with a higher combustion point such as groundnut oil. Our oil can is easy to use and allows you to adjust the correct amount of oil for the best cooking results.

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