Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace

Be amazed by the realistic fire effect of Opti-myst®, Opti-virtual® or Opti-Flame®!

Built into the wall, in a beautiful fireplace, in an old hearth or as a stove or wall fireplace, with this collection electric fireplaces, you immediately bring cosiness into your home!
Many people still think that an electric fireplace is ugly and "not real"... But then you haven't seen the latest technology yet!
The electric fireplace has developed a great deal in recent years, partly thanks to the "water to fire" technology known as Opti-Myst® and Opti-Virtual®, using modern simulation technologies that for years were only available to large theatres and amusement parks.
These modern technologies are now used to give your electric fire a very realistic fire view, bringing cosiness and atmosphere into your home!
Almost everyone enjoys staring relaxedly into the fire or sitting comfortably around it with friends and family. But nobody likes the dragging of firewood, the dirt and dust in the house, or even the smoke when the chimney doesn't draw properly.
All these problems are over with the new generation of electric stoves and fireplaces that we offer!

Dimplex Opti-Myst

Is this an electric fire??? 

Yes, it really is! 

In this picture you see the electric water vapor fire of the Albany Opti Myst!  We took the picture ourselves, in our own showroom, without filters, so we can assure you Opti-Myst really looks like this. The fire image is created by allowing a very fine water vapor to float above warm coloured lamps (now LED-lamps), creating a very realistic fire effect. 

This technique has been developed by Faber in The Netherlands years ago, and since Faber was bought by Dimplex, the development goes on and on.

I have to admit, in the beginning I wasn’t too much into electric fires, but having seen the Opti-Myst technique convinced me. Personally I think it’s the most realistic electric fire effect that you can imagine, and most people have to look 2 or 3 times to realize it wasn’t a real fire!.

We’ve shown the Dimplex Opti-Myst for years on many tradeshows and it’s always fun to see how much people hesitate to put their hands in the flames… But it’s completely safe, trust me. Kids or elderly don’t risk to harm themselves whilst enjoying the relaxing effect of looking into the flames…

The Opti-myst technique is available in many different models. 

Especially for professional users like hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals or offices, the Dimplex Opti-Myst PRO cassettes can be connected to a water supply for an almost maintenance free operation!

Dimplex Opti-virtual

Opti-virtual® by Dimplex brings to you a new dimension and illusion in the world of electric fireplaces.

The technology of all Opti-V® electric fireplaces is based on a flatscreen based in the center of each fireplace or stove. Both the Opti-V® single and double are also equiped with the unique 3D technology based on the Pepper's Ghost techniques used by large parcs as Disney world for animations. 3D mirrors combined with flat screens and sound modules ensure the most realistic flame effect, completely secure and without any maintenance.

All Opti-virtual® models are Plug and Play, simply put the power on and the system starts automatically.

Ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels or any other public places where there is no surveillance nor time for maintenance.

Dimplex Optiflame

Optiflame® - the flame effect is created by LED light shining on a rotating ax with mirrors, creating a traditional flame effect. The Optiflame® electric fire effect is often combined with colored light effects in the wood logs or a cristal bed.

Dimplex Revillusion

Revillusion® is a completely new way of looking at fireplaces, and changing the standard for electric. A clear view through the lifelike flames, to the full brick interior, captures the charm of a wood-burning fireplace.
Enjoy the look of a fireplace cut straight from the pages of a magazine by choosing Revillusion®; clearly a better fireplace.
The color of the wood logs glow can be adapted to red and blue and the flame intensity can be adjusted to your own mood and ambiance. All this of course by using the new remote control!

No matter your preferences, you'll always find a Revillusion® fireplace fullfilling your needs!

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