Electric smoker Bradley P10 Pro smoker

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The Bradley electric smoker P10 digital is a new design in stainless steel. Store and select your recipies, the Bradley P10 will handle the job.

Bradley P10 Pro smoker

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The Pro smoker is a new design and although it does not have the height of the smart smoker it is slightly wider than the smart smoker and so capacity is similar. It is also possible to actually save recipe specs to a memory stick and programme the smoker so that a chef can simply select a specific recipe from the list and the smoker will smoke according to that recipe. The P10 Pro smoker currently can only hot smoke unless you put an ice tray in the bottom of the smoker so the smart smoker wins there. However the P10 Pro smoker has increased power output which helps to ensure constant temperature rates.


  • Rated Voltage 240V AC
  • Rated Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rated Power 1000 W
  • Main Heating Element 2 x 400 W
  • Bisquette Burner 2 x 100 W
  • Internal Volume 76 L
  • Total Racks 5 rack capacity, 4 are included
  • Cooking Area 5 x 0.13 m2 / 5 x 201.6 inches 2
  • Cook time adjustable range 0 - 10 Hrs
  • Cook time adjustable increment 10 min at a time
  • Smoke time adjustable range 00:20 - 09:40 Hrs
  • Smoke time adjustable increment 20 min at a time
  • Smoker internal operating temperature range 30 - 160º C / 86 - 320º F
  • Smoker internal adjustable range increment 1º C / 1 or 2º F at a time
  • Outside operating temperature range -9 to 50º C / 15.8 - 122º F
  • *Note: Heaters will turn OFF when target temperature has been reached and turn back ON when it drops 2 degrees past the target.
  • *Note: COLD will be displayed on the display when temperature reaches below -10º C / 14º F. Smoker will not turn on


  • Adjustable target temperature range when
  • connected to the smoker 5 - 100º C / 41 - 212º F
  • Adjustable range increment 1º C / 1 or 2º F at a time
  • Internal food measurement range 0 - 150º C / 32 - 302º F
  • *Note: Meat probes are not dishwasher safe..
  • *Note: For best practices leave the probes connected at all times.

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