Optimyst Transducer Replacement

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Replacement part for when your Optimyst no longer creates water vapour smoke effect.
Optimyst Transducer Replacement is available to buy in increments of 1

Transducer Replacement for Optimyst

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Has your Optimyst stopped emitting smoke?

Then the transducer/evaporator has probably failed. No problem, you can order a spare transducer at Vinuovo!

One of the few parts that can wear out in your Optimyst fire is the evaporator, also known as a transducer. This is mainly due to the water you use. For a long time it was recommended to use only filtered water, but that gives less beautiful smoke. We have been using regular tap water for the Optimyst fireplaces in our showroom for years and only very occasionally do one of the transducers need to be replaced, despite how hard the water is here.
You also need a bit of luck; some transducers last for years, some fail sooner.

When will you know if your transducer is broken?

Normally you switch on your Optimyst fire, the lights come on and after 30 seconds you hear a click and the smoke starts to appear.
When the lights go out after the click and there is no smoke; then your transducer is most likely broken! (or you forgot to refill the water ;-))
You can avoid high repair costs by first ordering a transducer and see if that solves the problem. There is a good chance that your Optimyst will work normally again! The transducer is easy to replace, just pull out the plug, insert the new one and slide the plug back in.

ATTENTION! These transducers cannot be returned! We cannot verify if you have used these spare parts or not, so the right for return is not applicable. We quality control each transducer before shipping, these transducers are shipped without any guarantee!

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