Inserto da camino elettrico di Albany Opti-Myst

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ALBANY Opti-myst electric fireplace, water vapour smoke, 2 heat settings, halogen lighting, flame only option, decorative LED log set, remote controlled.
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ALBANY Opti-myst Built In Electric Fireplace Insert

Free delivery in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France (mainland)!

Built-in electric insert with Opti-myst water vapour technology, one of the most realistic visuals from Dimplex!

This ALBANY built-in fireplace is designed to fit into an existing unused fireplace, into a hearth surround or recessed into the wall directly.

Included with an easily accessible 1L water tank that slides out in a discreet drawer underneath the insert. From full, the Opti-myst technology lasts up to 10hrs. If you live in a hard water area, be sure to filter it as the build-up of limescale can affect the water vapour smoke and flames and the longevity of your ALBANY fireplace.

Included is the decorative LED glowing log set, adding to the authentic fire view. The Opti-myst cascades gently over the realistic logs giving you stunning visuals.

With 2 heat outputs and thermostat regulated. You can also choose to have no heating and just the flame view, allowing you to use your ALBANY all year round.

The ABLANY uses halogen ambiant lighting and the bulbs can be replaced here.

Fully remote controlled, you can adjust all the settings without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Don't worry, if you misplace the remote control, there are some manual options included on the insert itself.

This electric fireplace is made from black matte steel; an elegant finish and has a one sided fire view.

There is no crackling sound effect in the ALBANY, you can buy this as an accessory here.

Product Specifications :

  • Glowing LED Log Set
  • Opti-myst 3D Technology
  • Halogen Mood Lighting
  • 2 Heat Outputs : 0-750-1500W
  • Flame Only : 240W
  • Weight : 24kg
  • Water Tank : 1L
  • Remote Controlled
  • Thermostat
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 64 x 70.3 x 30cm
  • Fire View (HxW) : 57 x 42cm
  • Brand : Dimplex
  • Article Number : 210173
  • SKU : 332400
  • EAN : 5011139210173
  • Old EAN : 5011139202956

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