TOPPER RELAX Sunchair Cushion

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TOPPER RELAX sunchair cushion, 3 sections with flaps, easy to position, 8cm PUR soft foam interior, weatherproof upholstered, UV protection 4-5, 11 colours

TOPPER RELAX Waterproof Sunchair Cushion 180x50x50cm

Available in 11 colours

The careful German craftmanship and the use of high quality materials makes these sunchair cushions not just extremely comfortable, but resistant to all weather types.

You can make use of these sunchair cushions all year round thanks to the added water and dirt repellent surface treatment. Rushing to get your outdoor cushions inside when the dark clouds roll over is a thing of the past. The water droplets simply roll off the fabric; a quick downpour won't ruin your day outside anymore! UV protection level 4-5, your cushions won't fade from sun damage.

The design of the TOPPER RELAX is simple yet effective. The entire cushion is divided into 3 parts using flaps; this makes it a breeze to position and you can vary the heights depending on your sunchair, with the leg rest to finish.

With an inner core thickness of 8cm it moulds to your body making it extremely comfortable, and once finished with, bounces back to it's original shape.

Certified REACH - complying with the European Pollutant Standards.

Availbale in 11 colours, you can easily find the perfect TOPPER RELAX to suit your garden exterior.


TOPPER RELAXunchair cushion specifications :

  • Material : Interior - Polyester/ Exterior - 100% Polyester with soft textile touch
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) : Backrest Flap: 80x50x8cm/ Seatrest Flap: 50x50x8cm/ Legrest Flap: 50x50x8cm
  • Other Info : Water resistant, dirt resistant, frost proof
  • UV Resistance : 4-5

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