Recinzione legno Post - 7x7cm legno autoclave-naturale - 7x7x148cm

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Pressure treated Wooden fence post 148cm with one straight and one rounded end, multifunctional and suitable for example to assemble garden or patio fencing.
Recinzione legno Post - 7x7cm legno autoclave-naturale - 7x7x148cm è disponibile per l'acquisto in incrementi di 1

Wooden fence post - 7x7cm - Pressure treated pine wood, natural color - 7x7x148cm

This pressure treated wooden pole has one straight end and one rounded end, it is multifunctional and suitable to place in the ground, for example as a garden fence. Available in various sizes.

Best price! Attention!
Wood is a natural product and therefore sensible to deformation. However we select thouroughly all posts before shipping, not any post will be 100% straight and without any deformation. Especially not with a section of 7x7cm and long lengths. Deformation of wood is not accepted as a reason for a complaint or refund.


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Maggiori Informazioni

Maggiori Informazioni
SKU 5703393181039
Peso 5.500000
EAN 5703393181039
Marchio Plus Danemark
Colore Verde naturale
Materiale Legno impregnato autoclave classe 4
Lunghezza 148
Larghezza 7
Altezza 7
Selezionate la lunghezza desiderata no length applicable


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