Außenbeizfarbe schwarz 0,75 Liter

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Diese Außenbeize schwarz 0,75 Liter wurde speziell für die Pflege Ihrer PLUS-Produkte entwickelt.

Außenbeizfarbe schwarz 0,75 Liter

Outdoor stain-paint black 0,75 liter for the maintenance of your PLUS products

This exterior/outdoor paint or stain has been specially developed for the maintenance of your PLUS products. Of course they can also be used to protect your other wooden items in the garden against the weather and to paint them the same color as your PLUS products!
The paints or stains are available in various colors: paint is opaque, the stain is transparent. We recommend that you apply at least 2 layers. In staining you can vary the transparency or the color intention by applying multiple layers.

Are you looking for stain in the color "driftwood" (PLUS color code 12), which is used, for example, for the Siesta sofas and tables? Then you can use the gray / green stain color code 18. You need to dilute this stain so that you get the color 12. First try a small piece in an invisible place to see if your color matches.

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