Zinkspray 400 ml

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Verwenden Sie dieses Zinkspray, um Ihre Stahlpfosten vor Rost und Verwitterung zu schützen.

Zinkspray 400 ml

Zinc finishing spray, 400 ml

Use this cold galvanising spray paint to protect your steel posts from corrosion.

Thanks to the combination of zinc and aluminium properties, you will only need a single, light spray on the surface to give an opaque and long lasting protective layer.


  • Contains zinc (71.8%) and aluminium (23)%
  • Adheres well to all metals
  • Offers good cathodic protection against the weather
  • Good electrical conductor, therefore great for spot welding
  • High resistance to salt and water
  • Fast drying, waterproof once dry
  • Heat resistant up to 490°C+
  • shake the can vigorously for about 3 minutes The surface must be free of grease and rust. Place the product at a distance of 20-30 cm. When applying several coats, allow a drying time of approx. 5-8 minutes between coats. Better adhesion is obtained if the first coat is a thin one.


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