Braai accessories

There are plenty high quality accessories avaible for your Braai. These accessories make your Braai an all-round kitchen, allowing you to:

  • hot-smoke in your Braai oven
  • A pizza or baking stone for your Braai oven, ideal for bread and pizzas.
  • A wok set for the asian kitchen on your Braai
  • Additional grill and warmer racks. With these additional racks you can cook/grill on multiple levels to easily manage temperature by changing the height of your ingredients.
  • A very thick steel grill plate, plancha or Teppan Yaki. This grilling plate is very multifunctional. Especially perfect for more fragile ingredients like vegetables or sea-food. Also perfect to grill in a marinade. The grease recepient integrated in the plate captures all grease and fluids to avoid them dripping in your fire which might cause flare-ups or smoke.
  • An Assado rack with 3 skewers for Argentinien/Brasilian style grilling. This rack can be equiped with an electric rotisserie for even grilling without turning the skewers by hand every minute!
  • A Salmon plank, to grill your salmon in vertical position in front of the ember maker. This is really great! I was very surprised about the results when I first used it myself, I had never prepared such a delicious Salmon before!
  • Cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets and grill, plancha, pizza plates.

Be carefull when you use other accessories: the Braai can reach very high temperatures! Low quality accessories might simply melt away when heated to much or deform when heated to quick.

Stay tuned to our blog Le Coin Cuisto (the chefs corner) where we will provide you soon with lots of recipies, tips and tricks!

Double Prong Skewer for Braai BBQ 75cm
Wood moisture meter Morso
Asado frame for Braai 63cm (4 positions)
Windmill Cast Iron - Starter set
Fire grid 50cm for built-in Braai
Wok set for Braai - grid and wokpan
Grill Tools Stainless Pro Grill Griddle - Charcoal Companion
€94.42 €85.00
Square Thermabond Pizza Stone 38.1cmx38.1cm
Skewer for Braai 75cm
Stainless Steel Grill Grate 50x46cm
Chimney adapter single>double pipe - Ø-400/450
Chimney adapter single>double pipe - Ø-250/300
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