Outdoor stair banister

Do you have a balcony, terrace, roof terrace or a front door at a height you can't reach? Then you have a problem...
We will help you solve this problem with our construction kits for a balustrade staircase made of wood, hardwood or steel, with landing and banisters!
These balustrade stairs are available without further extensions up to a height of 295cm! And available for purchase directly in our webshop, of course.


What are balustrade stairs?

There is quite a bit of confusion over the choice of words between a stair balustrade and a stair railing.

In our case, balustrade stairs are deck stairs that have a railing on the side so that you cannot fall off. This is of course much safer at considerable heights.
When we talk about a banister, we are usually talking about a rod or round wooden post attached to the wall or individual posts. A banister is open at the bottom.
Actually, we don't care much about what name to use, banisters, railings or balustrade, call it however you prefer.

When the deck stairs balustrade continues as a fence for a loft, a balcony or a terrace, we refer to it as a balustrade.


Balustrade trap buiten met trapleuning en rechte afwerking Balustrade trap buiten met trapleuning en rechte afwerking

So..... we are going to explain to you on this page what we do and what we can do. 
With often simple ideas, we can build almost any deck stairs with platform and balustrade for you! 
Everything comes as a kit, all you have to do is put the numbers together, follow the instructions, and your balustrade deck stairs are ready. 
You happy, your wife happy, (or the other way around, depends on who is doing the DIY ;-))

With our solutions, over 56,000 combinations are now possible, and this number is only increasing. 
Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time for us to calculate and put them all on-line, but we do our best.
So keep reading, you're bound to come across your solution!

Would you still like to put together your own stair balustrade? That's possible, we also sell all the parts separately, so you can do it yourself!


Balustrade stairs with round head

What the hell is that, balustrade stairs with round head?
Yes, right, bit of a silly name, but we didn't know what else to call it either....
Round head refers to the upright wooden post which has a round head. 
On the picture, you can hopefully see exactly what we mean.

So the posts of the balustrade stairs have a round head and the banister or balustrade itself is mounted in between.

These wooden balustrade stairs are available as freestanding model and as wall-mounted model.

Balustrade stairs freestanding:

You can simply place these outdoor balustrade deck stairs. 
No need to be attached to anything, just lean it against your terrace, balcony, front door and you're done. 
(If securing it with a corner bracket or a thick screw is possible, I would definitely do so. It prevents the stairs from shifting or sinking into the ground, extra strength never hurts in my opinion!)
The maximum height of these deck stairs with balustrade is 9 steps, 156cm (total height including the staircase balustrade is 267cm).

Balustrade stairs wall-mounted:

This is the same staircase, only the posts on the high side of the staircase do not extend to the ground. (See the red outlined area on the picture, so these posts are not included in the balustrade stairs for wall mounting).
So you need to attach the stringers and handrail to the wall or your terrace or balcony. 
This is slightly cheaper and you also won't see any posts running along the wall.
You do need to have a good, solid wall to fix things to, otherwise it won't work.
The maximum height is 9 steps, 156cm (total height including the staircase balustrade is 267cm).

Balustrade stairs with landing:

When you want to put your balustrade stairs in front of the front door or, for example, your mobile home, it is convenient if the stairs have a landing.
In fact, you can think of the landing as a kind of balcony or terrace. This allows you to put your bags down to open the door. When there are several of you, not everyone has to stay on the stairs.
If you choose a larger platform, you can also use the stair landing as a terrace, to create a seating area on it for breakfast in the sun or for the outdoor table. The standard stair landing in our configurator is up to 174x160cm. On request, the platform can be made as big as you want. The platform can thus become a complete terrace with balustrade!
The maximum height with platform is 10 steps, 173cm (total height including the staircase balustrade is 284cm).

The balustrade, stairs and platform are fully integrated and delivered as 1 kit. In our balustrade staircase configurator, simply choose the dimensions you want to buy. Vinuovo cuts everything to size, the screw holes in the posts are pre-drilled in our workshop. All parts are numbered, packed and shipped. You receive everything you need and all you have to do is screw it together.

Want to go higher then 173cm?

Possible of course !

To make the balustrade stairs higher than 173cm, we add a 2nd staircase that will stand on the platform. The 2nd staircase can go straight, left or right. It can even be U-shaped, around the corner, but that model is not standard in the balustrade staircase configurator for the time being.

We achieve the maximum height without a 2nd landing as follows:

  • 2 garden step modules on the ground (2 steps)
  • deck stairs 7 steps high (2+7 = 9 steps high)
  • landing 10 steps high, 173 cm
  • deck stairs 7 steps (10+7 = 17 steps), so a total height of 173+122 = 295cm!

Still want to go higher ?

  • This could possibly accommodate a 2nd platform of 18 steps high... 312cm! Unfortunately, our posts are not long enough (max 369cm) to allow the post to continue in the balustrade, so we have to solve that problem elsewise. We could use 14x14cm posts, which are 480cm long, but that might be a bit illogical.....We'll think about it and will come up with a solution soon
  • On that 2nd platform, another staircase of 7 steps could be built (25 steps high = 434cm!) but then you are building a flat. Of course it can be done, but we cannot guarantee safety. Technically, it's no problem, but if you don't mount it perfectly and the ground (risk of subsidence) is not properly prepared, the balustrade stairs can become a dangerous situation. Completely at your own risk.

Balustrade stairs wood with straight banisters

Balustrade stairs with straight handrails are largely the same as the balustrade stairs with round head, only the top is different.

The stair balustrade can be finished in 3 different ways::

  • 9x9cm wooden posts, the same posts as used for the structure.
  • finishing with KLINK covering planks
Balustrade for stairs wood 9x9cm Balustrade for stairs wood 9x9cm
Balustrade for stairs wood 9x9cm
Balustrade for stairs - wood - KLINK Balustrade for stairs - wood - KLINK
Balustrade for stairs - wood - KLINK

Balustrade stairs options

The stair balustrade can be opened/closed in 3 different ways:

  • left
  • straight ahead
  • right

Here we show you with three drawings what we mean by this.

For balustrade stairs with landing, there are similar possibilities, see below:

Balustrade trap met opening links Balustrade trap met opening links
Balustrade trap met opening rechtdoor Balustrade trap met opening rechtdoor
Balustrade trap met opening rechts Balustrade trap met opening rechts
Balustrade trap met bordes, bocht naar links Balustrade trap met bordes, bocht naar links
Balustrade trap met bordes, rechtdoor Balustrade trap met bordes, rechtdoor
Balustrade trap met bordes, bocht naar rechts Balustrade trap met bordes, bocht naar rechts

Are these balustrade stairs suitable for public/professional use?

Although the standard balustrade stairs are already insanely strong, it is better to contact us if you are going to use the stairs for the entrance of your restaurant or café.
If 20 guests at once time are waiting on the stairs or use it in groups as a smoking area, it is advisable to add some reinforcement in the form of an extra stringer, for example.
Either way, make sure the stairs are extremely firmly attached to the wall and surface when used by the public.

Will the stairs be used as 2-way traffic? Then 120cm wide is a bit on the tight side. In that case, 140/160cm wide is definitely recommended. Ask us for a price calculation of the model you would like and we will be happy to calculate it for you.

FAQ - frequently asked questions:

What do balustrade stairs cost?

That depends on many different factors such as height, width, with landing or without, balustrade on 1 side or 2...
At Vinuovo, a balustrade staircase costs between €355 and €3000

How much weight can balustrade stairs support?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Balustrade stairs from Vinuovo can easily carry 2 people per step. Assume 200kg per step..

Is een trap balustrade verplicht?

Ja, bij een trap van 3 treden of hoger.

How high should stair balustrades be?

A stair balustrade should be 100cm high at the start of the step.
For stairs higher than 13 metres, the stair balustrade should be at least 120cm high.

Hoe maak ik zelf een balustrade trap?

Het makkelijkste is natuurlijk om een van de standaard bouwpakketten bij Vinuovo te kopen.
Wil je toch liever zelf klussen? Alle onderdelen zijn ook los te koop bij Vinuovo, dan kunt je lekker doe-het-zelven!

How do I fix the balustrade stairs to the wall?

Fixing your deck stairs to the wall or a terrace can be a tricky job. It depends on the wall.

For tips & trics, read our blog post: How to attach outdoor stairs to a wall, balcony or terrace? 

How do I fix the balustrade stairs to the ground?

For more information on how to fix a wooden post, outdoor stairs, a fence or pergola to the ground, read our blog post: How to fix a post in the ground? 

Can these balustrade sairs also be used indoors?

Of course they can !

When an item is suitable for outdoor use, in general it also is suitable for indoor use. The other way around does not always work...

The finish of deck stairs might be a little less beautiful than for a beautiful interior staircase built by a real specialist. The price will also be different, so that's a choice you have to make.

You can improve the finish of the balustrade stairs yourself, a little sanding, a good stair paint on it, and it already looks very different!

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