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Finally, you have selected your new fence

But how are you going to fix it?

Er, right, shoot... hadn't thought about that really...

Didn't I see those metal things at the hardware store, the ones you screw to the ground? One of those footplates with a square tube on top of it?

Right... We certainly believe you have seen such a footplate, but you should definitely NOT use those for your fence!

Why not?

The guy at the hardware store said it's perfectly possible.

Feel free to try, but then you'll most likely have to start all over again next year....


Just watch the video!

Fence post bracket 9x9cm Fence post bracket 9x9cm

How to choose your fence post bracket or your post base?

Before you buy a fence post bracket or post base, think carefully about what you need it for.
Otherwise, you will have a problem. Then your fence will end up in the neighbour's garden in autumn after a heavy storm.
All of your money gone, all the work you've done gone as well.
And then that annoying neighbour will be peeking in all day again.

The main issue is what forces are put on the post holder:

  • Should the post base prevent the post from shifting?
    (Like the base of a pergola, for example?)
  • Or should the post holder keep a post upright?
    (For a fence, garden fence or balcony fence?)

Read below when to use which type of fence post bracket.
Better to choose correctly now than having to do it all over again later, right?

Fence post bracket square for pergola

The purpose of a square fence post bracket for a pergola is to prevent the post from shifting.
If you have a good pergola then the structure of the pergola is strong enough to stay upright by itself.

In that case, you can use the fence post brackets below just fine:
(often you can also drill a long screw diagonally through the base of the pergola into the ground, then you won't even need a fence post bracket!)

Your only concern is that your pergola doesn't blow away.
And that the post doesn't move when your son bumps into it with his tractor again.

So you can enjoy a nice cold beer in peace this summer!

Fence post bracket for a fence, garden fence or balcony fence

The fence post bracket for a fence should keep the fence upright.

A simple square post base is NOT strong enough for that. (See the video)
When there is wind on the fence, or someone leans against it, the forces on the post base are too great.
The plate will bend and the welds will tear loose.

You can start all over again..... And you don't want to do that.

You can fix a post for a fence or gate in the following ways:

  1. Securing it firmly to a concrete surface or a solid wooden deck
  2. You can either dig in a post or pour it into concrete.

In both cases, you need a solid post holder that is strong enough.
And good screws, of course.

So that your fence stays nice and straight.
At least that annoying neighbour won't be able to peep at your wife all day.
And you can enjoy your garden without having to start all over again in three years' time.

Fence post brackets for Composite fence posts from Plus

You will need a special fence post bracket holder for PLUS composite fence posts.

There are 2 models:

  • Fence post bracket for fixing on a solid surface
  • Post base for concreting into concrete

This special post foot fits perfectly inside the composite post to the steel reinforcement tube.
Then your fence or balcony gate will stay nice and solid.
No risk of the foot plate breaking off.
No need to drive to the first aid with your little son this summer!

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