Pergola canopy

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Wooden pergola Wooden pergola
Wooden pergola
Pergola retractable canopy Pergola retractable canopy
Pergola retractable canopy
Pergola brackets Pergola brackets
Pergola brackets
How to build a pergola? How to build a pergola?
How to build a pergola?

Pergola canopy

(Waterproof) Harmonica shade sail or pergola canopy

Want to enjoy your garden longer on summer evenings or during the day when the sunlight is too bright? This has been made possible thanks to the waterproof harmonica fabrics.

The waterproof retractable canopy fabrics in our assortment do not only provide shade, they will also protect you from 95% of the harmful UV rays besides being waterproof!

These retractable canopys can be mounted to your house, but in combination with a pergola, you can place them anywhere you like.

The clever design makes assembly quick and easy. In use, the retractable canopies are just as easy, simply slide them open and shut with a rope.

When the canopy is completely retracted, no steel wires in sight. Practical & tidy!

The design is sleek and sober, which means that these retractable canopys and harmonica shade sails will fit in with any garden design, be it modern, traditional or, for example, over a swimming pool for the necessary shade.

The acrylic canvas ensures perfect waterproofing. This canvas will easily withstand a small rain or shower, however, we recommend storing the canvas indoors between October and March.

Cleaning is easy: a little warm water with soap and a soft brush. That's all! The fabric has a 3-year guarantee.



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