Wooden handrail as outdoor handrails

You can easily assemble an wooden handrail yourself with the parts and kits you can buy from Vinuovo.
An outdoor handrail is very practical after all. Not just for summer, but especially when the weather gets worse and your deckstairs can become slippery from snow and ice.

Zwarte trapleuning met glas Zwarte trapleuning met glas

Due to the large collection, it may be difficult for you to find the right products on our site. This is why we have created the following product groups for handrails on our website:

  • Wooden handrail (this page) - for hardwood stair railings and outdoor stair railings made of impregnated wood.
  • Outdoor stair banister - for a banister in combination with deckstairs, closed on the side with shelves, beams, cables or any other materials
  • Balustrade - for a balustrade, balcony railing and railings in various materials such as wood, steel, glass, wood composite and so on. Of course, most balustrades can be built to fit your outdoor staircase.
Trapleuning buitentrap doe het zelf Trapleuning buitentrap doe het zelf

At Vinuovo, you can buy the following types of deckstairs wooden handrails:

At Vinuovo, you can choose from a Mahogany hardwood handrail or a wooden handrail made from various forms of impregnated softwood sourced from northern Sweden, so of very high quality. For an outdoor wooden handrail, you obviously need to use good materials; an ordinary stair railing wood rots away in no time.

At the moment, many different models of wooden handrails are being developed in our own workshop. Usually in combination with a deck stairs from our own collection. On this page, we give you several ideas for a wooden handrail, with standard parts, then you can make your own outdoor handrail wood.

Hardwood handrail

Buitentrap met hardhouten trapleuning Buitentrap met hardhouten trapleuning

Our Mahogany hardwood handrail has a smooth sanded and rounded shape at the top, which is comfortable to the touch. The underside is milled in along the entire length so that it fits over the matching steel posts. Just secure with the screws provided and your hardwood handrail is ready.

The standard Mahogany hardwood outdoor handrail is available with a length of 199 cm and can easily be cut to size. The outdoor stair handrail wood with a 45° bevel on 1 side is 197cm long. With 2 handrails with beveled corners, you can easily make a hardwood stair railing with a 90° angle. If the handrail with the angle is too long, just cut off the rest.

Mahogany is also excellent for your indoor hardwood handrail.

Mahogany hardwood handrail is also available in black.

Hardhouten trapleuning met hoek 45° Hardhouten trapleuning met hoek 45°
Hardhouten trapleuning recht Hardhouten trapleuning recht

Handrail wood

For an outdoor handrail, wooden handrails are usually used.

A wooden handrail is easy to process, shorten or saw at an angle. Fixing it is simple with a few stainless steel screws.
At Vinuovo, you can buy different types for an outdoor wooden handrail.
For example, you can use the Klink fence capping rail that is also used as a covering for a balustrade.
Or the special, extra-wide, rounded wooden handrail railing that is also available as a black stair railing.

The advantage of this extra-wide handrail wood is that they can easily be screwed onto impregnated wooden posts of 9x9cm.
This allows you to use the posts for structure and as uprights, the planks are then screwed on top as a covering board.
When we close off the space under a handrail outside, we no longer speak of a handrail, but of outdoor stair banisters. On our special page outdoor stair banister, you will find much more information on how to make your own outdoor banisters in combination with various stairs and banisters.

For a wooden handrail, you can of course also use our 7x7 or 9x9 wooden posts. Ready-made outdoor staircase models with banister are available, but you will also find all the components, tips & trics and answers to the question: How to make a staircase banister?

Posts for wooden handrail

When you want to make a wooden handrail, you obviously need wooden posts.
At Vinuovo, you can buy various types of wooden posts when you want to make your own outdoor wooden handrails. These are available in various lengths and you can of course cut them to size yourself.

The Following wooden posts are available:

  • Impregnated wooden post head size 7x7cm, up to 270cm long
  • Impregnated duplo-glued/laminated wooden post head size 9x9cm, maximum length 369cm
  • Impregnated duplo-glued / laminated wooden post head size 9x9cm, maximum 268cm long, with round head on 1 side.
  • Impregnated duplo-glued/laminated wooden post head size 9x9cm, maximum 268cm long, with 1 or 2 grooves, as end post, corner post or intermediate post.
  • Hardwood post Angelim Vermelho size 9x9cm, maximum 600cm long

Please note; outside of France we can only ship posts up to 260cm long. Up to 270cm is also possible, at an additional cost of 60€ per post. Even longer is possible upon request, but then you should count on 500/600€ shipping costs, the number of posts no longer makes any difference.

What is the difference between ordinary wooden posts and laminated wood or duplo glued posts? For more information, read our blog post What is laminated wood?

Wooden handrails - ready to go

In combination with an outdoor wooden deck stair from Vinuovo, you can also buy ready-made construction kits for a handrail wood.

The various models are available in 2 different versions:

  • Handrail wood WITH support post - the longest wooden post extends to the ground making your deck stairs with handrail freestanding.
  • Handrail wood WITHOUT support post - the posts of the handrails are screwed to the side of the deck stairs, the top post does not extend to the ground.

Wij raden u aan voor een buitentrap MET optredes te kiezen wanneer u een trapleuning aan de trapboom bevestigd. De trapboom krijgt door de optredes meer verticale stabiliteit waardoor de trapleuning hout minder zal wiebelen. Om deze verticale stabiliteit nog verder te verhogen kunt u een extra traptrede onder tegen de trapbalk aanschroeven. In onze blog post "Hoe maak ik een trapleuning buitentrap" laten wij u zien wat wij hiermee bedoelen.
Let op; de bouwpaketten met de trapleuningen hieronder worden geleverd zonder de trapbalk die op de foto te zien is. De trapbalk zit in het bouwpakket buitentrap of is de trapbalk van uw bestaande buitentrap.

We recommend choosing an outdoor deck stairs WITH countersteps when attaching a handrail to the stringer. The countersteps give the stringer more vertical stability, so the handrail will wobble less. To further increase this vertical stability, you can screw an extra step underneath against the stringer. We show you what we mean by this in our blog post "How to make an outdoor wooden handrail".
Please note; the wooden handrail kits below are supplied without the stringers shown in the picture. The stringer is included in the outdoor stair kit or it is the stringer from your already existing deck stairs.

Handrail steel

A steel handrail is not currently in Vinuovo's collection. We do offer hot galvanised steel posts to support hardwood stair banisters.
Personally, we find a handrail wood more beautiful and pleasant to the touch than a steel handrail.

Especially in winter, it is not pleasant to freeze your hands on a steel handrail! In summer, you burn your hands on a steel handrail because it gets very hot in the sun.
So for an outdoor handrail, you should pay attention to the choice of material. Of course, tastes differ, so just pick the outdoor handrail you prefer.

Which posts for a wooden handrail

Below are 3 steel posts manufactured specially for Vinuovo. These posts allow you to secure your outdoor handrails to the ground.

There is a special post with a vertical angle of 35.8°, which is exactly the same rise angle as of the Vinuovo steel stringer. In most cases, this post can be used for almost any outdoor staircase provided the angle of rise is reasonably similar.

There is also a straight post and a steel post with a 90° angle. With these 3 different posts, you can create an outdoor handrail that goes up along your outdoor stairs and then connects to the banister of your landing, terrace, balcony or roof terrace.

There are many more different posts available to make a wooden handrail or banister.

Accessories for fixing wooden handrail

To fix the handrail or to seal the space between the handrail and the stairs, the following accessories can help you get the job done. Check out our Outdoor stair banisters page for explanations and help on how to make an outdoor handrail wood.

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