Deck stairs with landing

Deck stairs with landing and railings

Dear customer,

You would like to buy a landing with stairs?


YES WE CAN DELIVER! Don't worry,


Please take your time and read the information on this page carefully.
Our deck stairs with landing are available in thousands of combinations, especially if you add a railing option!

Just don't have a look at the picture and hit, I LIKE, I BUY!
Well we love it when you buy our outside stairs with landing off course, but we don't like to deliver something that doesn't fit your garden.
Your neighbours did that too, remember?
Another negative review on Google... thank you sir! Please read before you buy...

By the way, you would like to post a positive review?
You are always welcome off course! (unfortunately happy customers don't take the time to post positive reviews, they are simply enjoying their stairs with landing)
Please post your positive review here: (I can't find the link myself right know... that's why! ;-))

OK, back to the landing for your stairs: We will try to explain all options step by step.
Once you order at Vinuovo, we always check your order to see if everything is a match.
(and yes, with so many options we sometimes get confused to!)

Anyway, you need help chosing your stairs landing?
No prob, please contact our team, we will be happy to assist you!

Stairs landing in pressure treated pine wood typ AC

There we go... what's type A-C?

Well, we can also call it "billy" like the big blue/yellow furniture chain from Sweden... we just sticked to A-C, sorry..

Landing A is made out of 9x9cm pressure treated and cross-laminated pine wood.
The C stand for steps type C.
So if you buy deck stairs type C, choose a stairs landing that ends on "C". In that case you'll have the same decking as on your stairs.

Stairs landing AC for regular wooden deck stairs

Why would you use a landing for deck stairs?

First off all, most of the products on this page are still proto types and not ready for high level sales yet on our website. Is this what you are looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for more information!

A landing for deck stairs provides a multiple of opportunities for your garden or other appliances. To provide you with some ideas:

  • Deck stairs with landing in front of your front door
  • Landings to extend your deck stairs to a bigger height
  • Next to your free-standing swimming pool to provide easier access
  • In front of your mobile home, camping car or caravan. The landing will also serve as a porch or veranda.
  • As a jetty or landing stage. Place a hardwood landing in the water and use the deck stairs to access the shore or river bank
  • For artists or theaters, to access the stage

Well, we guess you will come up with many more ideas yourself!

What kind of railings are available?

Well, we have pretty much ideas in fact!

  1. We can extend the landing posts and equip it with standard decking board railings.
  2. These railings can also be finished with a cover board, the rounded post heads will be flat and a cover plank will be fixed on top of it.
  3. Standard galvanized steel balusters with handrails are already available. New in the beginning of 2022 is the specially manufactured baluster with an angle of 37° to fit the slope of our deck stairs.
  4. WPC or wood composite posts are available. You can combine these with railing panels for example.

and many more to come, so stay tuned to our category Deck hand railings!

Which landing sizes will become available?

Standard deck stair landings will become available in a square shape, adapted to the width of the corresponding deck stairs. This will allow you to use the landing as a “straightforward” landing, but also to create a 90° angle in your deck stairs.

The height will also be adapted to our standard deck stair kits to allow easy mix and match of the opportunities.

We are also trying to develop a landing configurator where you can choose width, height and length of the landing, with or without different types of railings. In theory anything is possible but to reduce production costs we need to develop standardized parts that can easily be reproduced to fulfill the expected demand.

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