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All you want is a nice and beautiful garden.
Quality elements that do not require a lot of maintenance and at the lowest possible cost.
At Vinuovo we have been searching for and producing these quality elements for years. And we have tested them, so you don't have to anymore....

Always handy to know what we're talking about, of course!

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South african Braai - wood-burning barbecue South african Braai - wood-burning barbecue

Want a real wood-fired barbecue in your garden, gazebo or restaurant?

Then the South African Braai BBQ is just the thing for you!

Vincent has been infected with the Braai virus for almost 20 years, there's no getting rid of it....

Morso Forno wood fired pizza oven Morso Forno wood fired pizza oven

Alies and Vincent both have a Morso Forno in their garden, Audrey does "it" with the Morso Kamino! So not only do we sell Morso, we also have a lot of experience (and fun!) in using it.

Want the very best pizzas? Then the Morso Forno is your new buddy!

Outdoor planters Outdoor planters

Dreaming of a fine herb garden and fresh vegetables? 
Then make your dream come true with this beautiful wooden planter collection!
Modern, sleek, durable, at height, stackable and easy to assemble.

A small space is all you need!

Deck stairs Deck stairs

Looking for deck stairs out of wood, hardwood or steel?

Conveniently create your own deckstairs in our configurator!

Delivered as a kit with everything you need, it's a snap with Vinuovo!

Deck stairs with landing wood Deck stairs with landing wood

Or maybe you prefer deck stairs with landing for your garden?

Vinuovo also makes it easy to put together a beautiful wooden or hardwooden deck stairs with landing. With more than 800 different sizes, yours is sure to be among them.

Outdoor stairs with banister and landing Outdoor stairs with banister and landing

To finish it off, you can of course also opt for an outdoor stairs with banister and landing!

That really is a beautiful, complete solution for your garden, terrace or balcony.

Metal outdoor stairs with hardwood steps Metal outdoor stairs with hardwood steps

None of the above?

An outdoor steel staircase with steps made of hardwood or impregnated wood then?

It's all possible, no problem!

Deck stairs wood outdoor Deck stairs wood outdoor

A loose handrail for your outdoor stairs is easy to make yourself with loose posts and (hard) wooden banisters.

All sold individually, and made in no time.

Balustrade Balustrade

You naturally want to complete your terrace or balcony with a beautiful balustrade or balcony fence.

Made of wood, glass, steel or combinations thereof. See our complete balustrade collection here

Wooden pergola Wooden pergola

With a beautiful wooden pergola, you create a lovely shady spot in your garden, terrace or balcony.

A good book, white wine and dreaming away... You don't even have to go on holiday for that!

Available in various sizes, hardwood or impregnated softwood.

Pergola canopy Pergola canopy

With a pergola canopy, you decide where and when you want shade! 

If it's too hot, close it and if you want to enjoy the sun, open it!

Also very handy when half the table wants to sit in the shade... (there's finally some sun...)

Also available as a waterproof pergola canopy!

Morso fire pit Morso fire pit

And is it cooling down in the evening? Then light a nice wood fire in your designer fire pot from Morso!

High quality, not one of those things that melts away when you light two twigs...

Nice and cosy outside all evening with a delicious fire, in your garden too!

Sales Sales

You would like a reduction, of course, we understand!

It is possible, but not on all our articles, on our sales page, you will find all our best offers with some nice reductions.

Be quick, because sold out = sold out !

Pergola brackets Pergola brackets

Very convenient if you want to make your own pergola, fence, garden table or whatever!

Handy steel brackets and elements for making wood connections.

Available in many sizes and designs.

Planter on wheels Planter on wheels

To dress up your (catering) terrace nicely, choose a nice planter on wheels!

This makes it easy to clean your terrace and in winter you simply wheel your frost-prone plants inside.

Available in many different sizes and colours.


Raised planter boxes Raised planter boxes

A raised planter is very handy for your herb garden, so the animals (of the neighbours!) can't get to it either!

Various shapes, sizes and models are available, so your planter box is sure to be among them!

Heatsail Dome electric patio heater Heatsail Dome electric patio heater

Do you opt for convenience, comfort and design?

Then the Heatsail DOME or DISC is for you! 

Fantastically beautiful quality products, just flip the switch and you have your own balmy summer evening!

Heatsail pendant electric patio heater Heatsail pendant electric patio heater

Looking for a hanging electric patio heater for under your canopy, veranda, conservatory or gazebo?

Then the Heatsail pendant BEEM is for you. Also available with special mist cooling, so it's also useful on hot summer days!

Picnic table wood with backrest Picnic table wood with backrest

A nice and solid picnic table is the centre of conviviality!

A round picnic table, square, picnic table with backrest, you name it!

Our large collection offers you a wide choice and high quality.

Children's picnic table Children's picnic table

Of course, you can buy one of those clunky wooden things... 

But do you really want a nice children's picnic table? 

Then this picnic table is perfect! With steel frame and with backrests of your choice!

Garden bench seat Garden bench seat

A nice garden bench remains an asset to your garden and invites you to sit down and enjoy your garden.

A cup of coffee in the morning, nice wine when the sun goes down, then of course a Lounge garden bench is extra comfortable!


Garden bench - Mancave Garden bench - Mancave

You have a garden shelter or a garden shed....

Vinuovo has a REAL garden shed!

You can build this out, with or without doors, perfect as an outdoor kitchen, lounge area, wood storage, for bikes...

Garden summer house - glass Garden summer house - glass

With this glass garden house or greenhouse, you have a lovely detached oasis in your garden, with views all around!

The walls can also be closed or simply open as desired.

Wheelie bin storage Wheelie bin storage

Do you wish to hide those ugly wheelie bin's?

Hide your whellie bon's with one of those beautiful wheelie bin storage's of Vinuovo.

Ruime collectie van diverse materialen en maten, daar zit die van jou zeker tussen!


Garden fence composite Garden fence composite

You can buy garden fences anywhere. But you want something beautiful and quality!

That's when you come to Vinuovo. A large collection of high-quality fences, composite, glass, wood, and combinations thereof... it will be hard to choose!

Garden door composite with lock Garden door composite with lock

Whatever you may call it; garden gate, garden door or fence door, we have everything you need.

Posts, locks, hinges, the door itself not to mention, you're going to make something beautiful with this!

Glass fence Glass fence

A glass garden screen or balcony fence?  Matt glass or clear?

In combination with wood or composite, different posts, you put together your most beautiful glass windbreak or fence here!


Air conditioner cover Air conditioner cover

Want to hide that ugly heat pump, produce less noise and aim for higher efficiency?

Then check out Vinuovo, a wooden air conditioner cover available in different sizes!

Garden swing wood Garden swing wood

Fun swings for young and old!

Do you want a ready-made swing or make one yourself?

Hardwood, impregnated softwood, as part of your pergola? Anything goes, take your pick!

Garden fence wood white Garden fence wood white

A garden fence, classic or modern, with gate or without.

Or a double gate so you can drive your car through?

The choice is yours!


Vinuovo news flash:

We would like to keep you up to date with the latest news and updates around your garden and Vinuovo. Do you have any questions? Ask them to us via chat, phone or email: !

The new PLUS 2024 garden house catalogue has arrived!

Although most products are not yet on our site, we can already deliver them!

Want a sneak preview of the new 2024 garden houses? You can download the catalogue by clicking on the picture or on this link.
(Unfortunately, the catalogue is only available in German)

NEW! Outdoor stair banisters, build your own stairs up to 295cm height !

Are you looking for a beautiful outdoor staircase for your balcony, the entrance to your house or just to go down into the garden from the living room?

Vinuovo now offers you an extremely solid and safe balustrade staircase that you put together yourself in the balustrade staircase configurator !

Take advantage of a fat winter discount now! When you select your staircase, you will see the discounted price. This discount is valid until 28 February 2023!

After that, the crossed-out price applies.

Zelf een terras van hout maken met Vinuovo Zelf een terras van hout maken met Vinuovo


Let me tell you how, where and why it all began......

It all started back in the early 2000’s with the Braai – a beautiful South African wood burning barbecue, that can be used either inside your home or outside in your garden. This versatile barbecue offering a complete (outdoor) kitchen was the beginning of my now greatest passion !

At the time we had bought ourselves an old farmhouse in France with a huge space inside as well as outside ; which of course had to be completely renovated and decorated. The Braai was the first point of call in the garden. However, you can’t just have a Braai without a beautiful terrace, chairs and tables to accompany such an impressive piece of kit now can we ?
Let us not forget being summer… it’s sunny… So, we needed a pergola with an awning to shade us at lunchtime from the burning sun ! Followed by a neat little fence here, a couple of planters there…

And that’s where it all began… We wanted functional yet beautiful both inside and out. Not just for us, but for our friends and family to enjoy too ! At the beginning we didn’t have the money to invest in top quality – so we bought a cheaper pergola from a hardware store for only a few hundred euros… As soon as we installed it, a massive storm hit us and our pergola had a lovely trip 20m down the garden ! An absolute waste of money that we did not really enjoy ; so I started looking for top quality products at reasonable prices to last year after year !

En klaar is jouw terras van Vinuovo! En klaar is jouw terras van Vinuovo!

I’m an ideas man (sometimes too much) and I’m constantly working with our suppliers coming up with new products or product combinations to add to our vast collection. Of course our customers find themselves looking for something in particular ; so we make it our priority to find a solution.

Keep following our blogs for new ideas ; I hope we can contribute to creating the home of your dreams with a beautiful garden to match !

Happy reading and happy shopping on our website !

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions ; big or small, our customer service is at your disposal either via the chat online or via email : or by phone: +33 (0)6 58 24 75 79 !

Yours Faithfully,

Vincent Verhaaff

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