Braai South African barbecue and grill

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Homefires South African Braai - Freestanding or build-in!

Braai is adventure!
Braai is passion for barbecue and cooking on woodfire!
Braai is South-Africa!

The South African Braai of Home Fires is the perfect combination of a barbecue, an outdoor kitchen on wood and an outdoor fireplace! The Braai does not only guarantee cosiness, warmth and atmosphere but also the most delicious dishes.

Vinuovo has been a Home Fire Braai dealer for years, and since we are passionate about braai and the South African kitchen, we can give you excellent advice! Since the beginning we have been working together with Comfort Trade, the European importer of the Braai and together we offer an excellent service to our customers. The Home Fires Braai is the heaviest Braai on the European market and guarantees a life long Braai pleasure!

All Home Fires Braai's are made of 3-4mm thick steel and have stainless steel grids. A Home Fires Braai is always delivered with at least 1 heavy steak grid of 8kg! The charcoal maker is of very heavy quality and has bars of 18mm thick steel. All models, both freestanding and built-in, have heat shields against the back wall, a raised and removable aspan and the braai's frame is of very high quality. This prevents the Braai from deforming under high heat.

The Homefires Braai is designed for outdoor use, but can also be built inside the house or under a roof if the local standards are respected!
A real braaier burns wood, of course, but if you want to Braai something small really quickly, you can also use charcoal... The Braai is a real fire pit, so anything is possible!
The Braai FS1200 is the most common model of the HomeFires Braai series, with a heating space of 120 cm. In addition to the charcoal maker, you have space on both sides for the (steak) grill, or an oven, the wok or the argentine assado skewer set!

Braai FS1200 free standing

The Home fires Braai FS1200 is our most popular model.
Easy to install in 10 minutes!

This Freestanding Braai is also available in a 80cm wide version.

Braai Build-in

The build-in Braais by Home Fires are ideal for your interior, a cabin, veranda, you name it!
With the special adapter, the chimney can easily be connected to an existing chimney. Standard double wall flue pipes fit on the Braais, so installation should not be a problem. (Please check local regulations and your insurance before installing a Braai indoors.)

The Home Fires build-in Braais are available in 6 different models, from 80cm wide up to the 240cm wide monsterbraai "Dirty Harry"!

With or without rotisserie, you'll find a Braai suited for your indoors or poolhouse.

Braai extreme


Then the Home Fires extreme Braai BI2400 is the perfect model for you!

Especially suited for events, hotels, restaurants or beach bars, the Extreme Braai has a huge capacity. 3 Grill compartments, 2 ember makers, this one knows how to light up a party!

Braai accessories

Naturally, you can equip your Braai with various accessories:

The oven, also perfectly usable as a hot-smoker!
You can use the oven, for example, in combination with a square pizza stone, ideal for pizzas, bread or other baked treats!
But the oven is also perfectly suited for roasting large pieces of meat or even using it as a hot-smoker! In our blog Le Coin Cuisto! (the Chef's corner) we explain how to proceed. Hot smoking makes it possible to prepare Pulled Pork or a Brisket, for example, but a hot-smoked turkey leg is also highly recommended! Or how about smoking delicious fish? Really worth a try!

The Argentine Assado skewer set, whether or not equipped with an electric motor

The wok set with support frame; ideal for all your Asian dishes, but also for preparing mussels, for example!

Potjie and skillets; cast iron cooking pots and pans for baking, grilling and stewing a huge variety of dishes!

Plancha plate: idéal for grilling vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood, shrimps, (vegan) burgers or even for making pancakes!

cast-iron bowls, for baking, grilling, etc...

In short, the possibilities of a Braai are endless and you will enjoy your Braai year in, year out, in all seasons... Nothing is more fun than sitting around the Braai with friends or family, starting with an aperitif while lighting the fire, then cooking and grilling, followed by an endless evening around the cosy wood fire... Be careful, it is very addictive... people will keep coming back for it ;-)

FAQ - frequently asked Braai questions

How long does it take before we can start grilling?

Depending on the wood, you should count 45 to 60 minutes before you have enough embers to start grilling.

Light up your fire, relax, enjoy a drink, prepare your dishes and enjoy the good Braai life!

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