Braai South African barbecue and grill

Discover the Braai, the traditional south african barbecue :more than just a barbecue

Welcome to the fascinating world of the South African Braai, a culinary experience that goes far beyond the traditional barbecue. At the heart of South African culture, the braai combines the charm of fire, the versatility of a backyard wood stove and the warmth of a fireplace.

Braai, a cultural ritual :

To fully understand the significance of the braai, you need to immerse yourself in South Africa's rich tradition. It's not just a way of cooking, but a real ritual involving friends and family on every occasion. Whether it's a party, a birthday or just a sunny day, the braai is at the heart of celebrations that start at dawn and go late into the night.

More than a traditional wood-fired barbecue

The south african barbecue braai is much more than just a wood-fired barbecue. It's a complete experience that captures the charm of the fire and the pleasure of dishes cooked only with wood. The south african barbecue braai becomes a shared moment, an opportunity to create unforgettable memories..

The heart of the Braai south african bbq :

Fire is not just a means of cooking, but the very foundation of an age-old tradition. The dance of the flames, the crackle of the wood and the enveloping warmth create a magical atmosphere, transforming every moment into an intimate celebration.

This charcoal barbecue is ideal for preparing culinary masterpieces. The dishes prepared have a unique flavour, enriched by direct contact with the wood, which gives them a smoky, bewitching taste. Every bite becomes a sensory journey.

Choosing a Braai south african bbq means choosing the passion of fire, the authenticity of taste and the joy of creating special memories with those you love.

Here are some of our models :

Free-standing Braai

Discover the ultimate in comfort :

  • Easy to install : directly in your garden or on your terrace, without difficulty.

  • Maximum safety: Double-walled hood to prevent overheating and ensure total safety.

  • Incomparable practicality : Low-maintenance thanks to a durable coating, your space stays perfect over time.


Built-in Braai

Versatile and practical: built-in model for indoor and outdoor

  • Adaptable everywhere : Perfect under a veranda, near the swimming pool or in your country home. 
  • Easy connection : Can be used both indoor and outdoor, requires only the double-walled flue adapter

  • Multifunctional : As well as grilling, it can be used to cook bread and pizzas over a wood fire, and can also be used as an outdoor kitchen.


Spitbraai (Built-in)

Beautiful and functional: built-in model with motorised spit

  • Electric rotisserie included : Includes a motorised spit for perfect grilling.
  • Easy connection : Requires a double-walled adaptor for safe connection to the chimney.

  • Versatile use : Privileged in restaurants, hotels and campsites for its reliable, high-quality performance.


We don't just offer you the perfect south african braai, we also let you personalise your experience with a range of specially designed accessories. From stainless steel griddles to woks, salmon griddles to pizza stones, the accessories available open the door to endless cooking, allowing you to explore and create with complete freedom. At the bottom of the page, you'll find our blog Le Coin Cuisto with recipes to inspire you..

Adaptor for single to double pipe chimney

Adaptors with diameters :

Ø-250/300 for BI800 and FS800

Ø-300/350 for BI1000, BI1200, BI1200XL and FS1200

Ø-400/450 for BI1500XXL


More technical information on our blog.

Grill and Wok

Steel wok grid

Wok set : grill and wok pan

Stainless steel steak grid 50x48cm

Stainless steel steak grid 50x46cm for built-in BI1200

50x20cm stainless steel top grid


Plancha and firewood holder

Fire plate - 63 cm Ideal for model BI1000, BI1500 and DH2300-XXXL

Fire plate - 50 cm Ideal for model BI800, BI1200 and DH2300-XXXL

Stainless steel griddle plancha

50cm Log carrier for all south african Braai models


Cast iron oven 50x40cm for wood barbecue

Cast iron pizza plate Ø32cm

ThermaBond square refractory pizza stone 38.1x38.1cm

Morso cutting board

Rotating accessories

Electric rotisserie 220V

Braai skewer holder 63cm (4 positions)

Braai skewer holder 50cm (3 positions)

75cm Braai skewer

Braai double skewer 75cm

Cooking utensils and maintenance

Cast iron cookware - The Windmill Cast Iron - 6 pieces

Wooden plate for salmon cooking

Braai cleaning and maintenance kit


A part of the Braai story :

braaitour braaitour

Discover the world of braai with Vinuovo : a festival of flavours and traditions

The term "braai" sums up the essence of the South African word "braaievleis", which can be translated as "grilled meat". From beaches to backyards to urban parks, the braai is a social ritual, a link shared between friends and family. Braai Day, on 24 September, celebrates this ancestral practice.

Vincent, the managing director of Vinuovo, personally experienced this while on holiday in South Africa in September 2018, discovering delicious traditional dishes which he now shares on our blog. Since 2000, Vinuovo has been working with European braai barbecue pioneers Homes Fires South Africa and Comfort Trade, bringing culinary authenticity straight to your door.

Join us on a journey through the traditions of braai, exploring the recipes and stories that make this culinary practice so unique and popular. Follow our blog to immerse yourself in the world of south african braai and bring a feast of flavours into your life.


Zuid-afrikaanse braai Zuid-afrikaanse braai

The fundamental rules of braai : how to get the most out of the experience ?

When you are invited to a braai south african bbq, it is important to follow the code of good practice to ensure an exceptional experience :

  1. Patience is essential : an authentic braai takes time. Enjoy your drink while the "Braaier" (the host) carefully prepares your meal..

  2. Observ the Braaier : The host has his own methods and tools. Watch and appreciate his mastery in the making of an extraordinary meal

  3. Avoid the smoke-filled area : In general, no-one is around the Braaier. Nobody likes to be "poisoned" by smoke. With our HomeFires Braai, this inconvenience is overcome

  4. Participate actively : Don't hesitate to lend a hand: chop wood, bring plates, offer drinks. At Braai, we all cook together, which creates an atmosphere of collaboration

  5. Enjoying the moment : Braai is more than a dinner, it's an experience. Enjoy the fire, the fun and the company. Life can be simple and extraordinary at the same time

For a fun version of braai etiquette, search for "South African Braai Etiquette" on YouTube and get inspired! ????????

Why should you buy a south african Braai?

Today, immersing yourself in the culinary art of barbecuing has become an even more rewarding experience thanks to the Braai, a South African barbecue that has gained in popularity for one obvious reason: its versatility and ability to turn cooking into a never-ending adventure.

On our website, enter the fascinating world of Braai barbecues with a wide choice of models. Each model tells a unique culinary story, from traditional grilling to daring gastronomic experiences. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect Braai to suit your tastes and requirements.

South African Braai barbecues promise endless culinary delights. Preparing traditional dishes becomes a ritual, while exploring new recipes opens the door to a world of irresistible flavours and aromas. The Braai is not just a cooking appliance, it's a companion that fuels a passion for gastronomy.

Easy to buy and quick delivery

Buying a south african bbq Braai from is designed to be an easy and affordable experience. With the promise of fast delivery straight to your door.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a Braai and a barbecue ?

The distinction between a braai and a barbecue is mainly one of culture and tradition. In the context of South African culture, "braai" means to roast, whereas the term "barbecue" has Anglo-American origins and comes from the Spanish-American "barbacoa", which refers to the word "arawak" for a wooden utensil used to roast or smoke meat.

The real difference comes in the after-cooking : the braai remains burning, making it possible to extend the evening or day in a convivial atmosphere, chatting and sharing moments together. So, although the cooking techniques are similar, it's the social experience that makes the Braai unique.

What is the difference between a built-in Braai and a freestanding Braai?

The main difference between a "built-in" barbecue and a "freestanding" barbecue lies in the way they are designed and installed :

  1. Built-in :

    • Built-in : Built-in barbecues are designed to be integrated into a fixed structure, such as an outdoor kitchen, a work surface or a dedicated space
    • Permanent installation : They are installed in an existing or planned structure, often with the aim of achieving an integrated and harmonious appearance.
    • Adaptable dimensions : They can be custom-designed to fit the specific dimensions of the space in which they will be placed
    • Integrated design : They are designed to blend in aesthetically with their surroundings
  2. Free-standing model (ready to install) :

    • Free-standing design : Ready-to-use barbecues are designed as self-contained units that can be placed anywhere without the need for fixed installation
    • A free-standing structure : South african braai often have sturdy feet or a solid base to ensure stability, and can be placed on any flat, safe surface.
    • Ease of movement : South african barbecue braai are easier to move or transport than built-in models
    • Standard or predefined dimensions : Braai generally have standard dimensions and cannot be customised like flush-mounted models

In short, if you're building an outdoor kitchen or already have a fixed structure, you can opt for a built-in barbecue to achieve a more integrated look. If you want a more mobile, free-standing option, a ready-to-use barbecue may be the best choice. Both types of barbecue can offer a wide variety of functions and cooking options, so the choice often depends on your needs, the space available and the style you prefer.


How long does it take for the embers in the braai to get hot enough ?

Depending on the wood used, it takes between 45 minutes and an hour before there are enough embers to start grilling.

Light the fire, relax, have a drink, prepare your meals and enjoy your Braai to the full!

How to light a Braai ?

I like it quick and easy! No need for lighters or matches, petrol or other products, just do what's written below :

  1. Prepare a bed of wood shavings in the firebox of the Braai
  2. Place the largest blocks, 5 to 10 cm thick, vertically on top
  3. Use a blowtorch and light the smallest pieces, the rest will burn themselves


Which wood is best for a Braai?

Anything but pine, conifers and damp wood! Coniferous wood burns too quickly and contains a lot of resin, which seems unhealthy.

We recommend that you use dry, hard wood to obtain beautiful embers that burn well and smoke little.

Don't cut it into too large pieces. A piece of wood with a diameter of 5/10 cm is much more useful.

Enjoy your meal!

Do we have any south african braai recipes to suggest?

Yes, because we love cooking with braai, which gives food a unique flavour. Using wood or charcoal as fuel adds a distinctive smoky touch to dishes, which we really appreciate. The braai offers great flexibility in food preparation. You can grill meat, fish, vegetables and much more, giving the food a crispy texture on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Braai can be used all year round with all kinds of ingredients. You can find our recipes on our blog Le Coin Cuisto . Our assistant Alies and 'Chef' Vincent give us their best recipes, both for braai and for cooking with Morso Forno.


Delicious grilled meat and tasty chicken!

Here's a demonstration of the Braai at the Christmas market in the town of Le Creusot (France, Burgundy region)

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