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Welcome to the authentic world of picnic tables: where robustness meets design!

Welcome to our new online space, dedicated to the unique world of picnic tables! Here we explore the beauty and versatility of our tables, designed to bring authenticity and style to your outdoor spaces.

Strength and unique style :

Our picnic tables, made from autoclave wood treatment or Siberian larch, blend harmoniously with galvanised steel, creating sturdy, durable pieces. Each garden picnic table has a different shape and a unique style, ensuring you'll find the perfect model for your garden.

Easy maintenance and adaptation :

We know that modern life demands practical solutions. Our tables are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of colours and materials, with or without backrests, to suit your personal taste and the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Hospitality without limits :

Add benches so that no guest is forgotten! Our selection of picnic tables can be combined with benches to ensure total comfort during your time outdoors.

Creative gardening :

Do you enjoy decorating your garden? Every summer you can personalise your outdoor picnic table with colourful cushions or a matching blanket, creating a cosy and unique atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Square picnic table Square picnic table

Turn your garden into an oasis of elegance and comfort with our square wooden picnic table made from autoclave wood treatment. Sturdy and durable, its unique design with 4 benches with backrests blends in perfectly with its surroundings, creating a warm atmosphere for unforgettable lunches and dinners. Take advantage of its versatility and weather resistance to add style and functionality to your outdoor space.

  • for 8 persons

Round picnic table Round picnic table

Immerse yourself in the harmony of nature with our round picnic table in autoclave wood treatment. Its sturdiness and durability blend perfectly with the circular design, creating a comfortable oasis in which to relax. Complemented by 4 benches with backrests, this set not only offers comfort, but also blends in perfectly with its surroundings. A perfect combination of elegance and durability to transform your garden into a unique and unforgettable space. Discover the pleasure of outdoor living in style.

  • for 8 persons

Picnic table WEGA Picnic table WEGA

Discover modern industrial elegance with this original model, a combination of robust galvanised steel and solid autoclave wood treatment planks. This fusion of high-quality materials not only lends lasting solidity to the design, but also creates a contemporary and elegant atmosphere. Discover the perfect synergy between form and function, transforming your space into a work of industrial art.

  • for 6 persons

Picnic table BASIC Picnic table BASIC

With its elegant design and sturdy galvanised steel frame, our garden picnic table offers not only a stable base, but also a flexible option to suit your needs. With a choice between a classic version and a more spacious version with benches at either end, you can create a comfortable and hospitable environment for sharing special moments with friends and family. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of style and functionality.

  • for 6/8 persons

Picnic table TWIST Picnic table TWIST

An elegant blend of classic design and rustic/industrial influences, the Twist wooden picnic table not only provides a comfortable and practical space with four benches included, but also makes a style statement for any outdoor occasion

  • for 8 persons

Picnic table CLASSIC Picnic table CLASSIC

With its round, harmonious shapes, the Classic picnic table with built-in benches is characterised by elegant simplicity, adapting harmoniously to any décor.

  • for 6 persons

Wooden picnic table Zigma Wooden picnic table Zigma

The picnic table with integrated benches, known as Zigma, is inspired by the zigzag structure of its steel legs. The bold lines give this picnic table a light, dynamic look, perfectly suited to modern lifestyles. With the option of adding extra benches, Zigma becomes the ideal choice for seating more people comfortably.

This model is also available in Siberian Larch.

  • for 6 persons

Outdoor picnic table Cafe Outdoor picnic table Cafe

Our garden table is ideal for those with a balcony or small terrace, thanks to its compact dimensions that take up little space. It seats 4 comfortably and offers the chance to enjoy convivial moments with guests or share a romantic breakfast with your partner, making every moment outdoors a memorable and intimate experience.

  • for 4 persons

Backrest for picnic table Backrest for picnic table

This backrest is suitable for benches in the WEGA, ALPHA, BASIC and KOMBIMOBEL picnic table ranges

To add comfort and safety to your bench!

Wooden picnic table Plank Wooden picnic table Plank

The Plank picnic table stands out for its modern, trendy design, perfect for outdoor spaces. Combining modern and classic elements, the table features a sturdy, square frame in hot-dip galvanised steel, giving it a contemporary aesthetic and durability that blends perfectly into any outdoor environment.

The Plank 3-seater garden bench is not fixed to the table (optional).

  • for 6/8 persons

Kids picnic table

Discover with us how to transform your garden into a magical space for little ones: a cosy, fun corner where they can eat, play and give free rein to their creativity. With tables specially designed for them, we guarantee independence and special moments for all the family. Welcome to the enchanting world of the children's garden!


Kids picnic table Basic Kids picnic table Basic

Give your children a corner of creativity and joy in your outdoor space. In fine weather, they can let their imaginations run wild as they draw, paint and enjoy a carefree snack with their classmates. A place where every day is a new artistic adventure, where every moment is a special memory that grows!

  • for 6 kids

Kids picnic table Basic Kids picnic table Basic

Witness the joy and creativity of your little ones in an environment designed for fun! In our space, they can explore the world of art, share carefree snacks and solve puzzles, all at a height that encourages their independence. Relax and enjoy the moment, knowing that your children are growing up in a space that inspires and supports them every day.

  • for 6 kids

Back rest for children's picnic table Back rest for children's picnic table

For the safety of your children or grandchildren.

Also available in black.

Garden furniture

Let yourself be seduced by the simple, rustic design of the Siesta wooden garden furniture. You can relax with a book and tea or coffee in the morning, sip a spritz over an aperitif with your guests or read your child's favourite story before bed.

You can buy the garden table or the garden table and chair set, or buy them individually - you'll be spoilt for choice!

Section for restaurants, B&Bs, bars, campsites, hotels and truck stops

Discover excellence in catering and hospitality with our selection of Zigma, Basic, Twist, Classic and Alpha professional picnic tables! Designed to withstand intensive use, these picnic tables offer not only robustness but also customisation. And if you want maximum security, you can anchor them to the surface, guaranteeing a unique experience for your customers. We create welcoming and functional spaces for your success!

Square picnic table TwistSquare picnic table Twist

If you're looking for an outdoor picnic table with a unique design, a large seating capacity and easy maintenance and cleaning, you've found what you've been looking for! Discover the perfect fusion of distinctive style and uncompromising practicality with our exceptional picnic table.

  • for 8 persons

Picnic table WEGA Picnic table WEGA

Immerse yourself in a fascinating industrial design that blends with the modernisation of the city centre, creating a unique atmosphere in which your customers can share aperitifs, lunches or business dinners. A contemporary and elegant dining and social experience.

  • for 6 persons

Outdoor table PLANK Outdoor table PLANK

Simple, country-style design, perfect for truck stops, campsites and play areas. Add a touch of authenticity to your spaces dedicated to fun and conviviality!

  • for 6/8 persons

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These tables are made from the highest quality wood: Siberian larch and class 4 autoclave wood treatment

We guarantee environmental sustainability with all FSC® certified wood. PLUS, a Danish company renowned for its unique garden furniture design, understands the importance of sustainability, material selection and environmental impact. We are committed to using quality materials, satisfying our customers and preserving forests through FSC licensing, a label for sustainable forest management.

We are delighted to share with you our passion for excellence in outdoor furniture. Through our commitment to durability, quality materials and respect for the environment, we are dedicated to providing you with unique outdoor living experiences. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Continue exploring our site to discover how we can help you transform your outdoor environment into a haven of peace and comfort. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to create spaces that reflect your uniqueness and meet your needs. Welcome to your outdoor home!

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Picnic Table BASIC - 177x160x73cm
Round picnic table 8 seats 237cm with backrest
€839.00 €750.00
Square picnic table 8 seats 237cm with backrest
€875.00 €743.75
Zigma design picnic table made black impregnated wood + steel frame
Square picnic table TWIST 118x118x73cm
Picnic table WEGA - 177x76x73cm
Outdoor table CAFE - Pressure treated pine wood - 127x77x73cm
Picnic Table CLASSIC - 177cm - 6 to 8 seats
Outdoor bench for table CAFE 127x38x45cm
Picnic table SIESTA
€995.00 €799.00
Garden Table - Garden Bench - SIESTA - 80x49x43cm
€235.00 €135.00
Garden Table - Garden Bench - SIESTA - 138x49x43cm
€295.00 €185.00

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