Balustrade and rails for decking

So you're looking for an outdoor balustrade or banister?
No problem! 
But then you need good stuff.
After all, you don't want your mother-in-law to fall down the stairs when she grabs the banister, do you?

It's also nice if it's of good quality.
You don't want to be painting and scraping rust every year.
Unless of course you are bored completely.

At Vinuovo you can buy all the materials you need to make your own balustrade, banister or balcony railing.
Yes, you (or your husband/wife) are capable, don't worry, just try.
On this page we explain exactly what you need to buy to make sure you have everything you need for your balustrade.
In our blog posts we will then explain how you can assemble everything so that you have a beautiful and sturdy balustrade, banister or balcony railing.

Did the assembly fail?
Then you can decide whether or not to warn your mother-in-law...
(Tip: check beforehand whether she has paid the premium for her life insurance policy ;-))

balustrade balustrade
Glass railing panel - frosted laminated 87mm - 90x91cm clamps square posts
Steel post 45x45mm for deck railing
WPC fence post - 9x9x153cm

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stalen paal vierkant balustrade stalen paal vierkant balustrade


You need a baluster to support the whole structure. On the baluster you screw the balustrade panels, wooden planks, the handrail or the top cover.

At Vinuovo you can buy balusters that can be screwed to the ground, dug in or casted in concrete.

Steel baluster, wooden baluster, wood compositebaluster with a steel core, square or round, anything you want.

FAQ - frequently asked deck handrailing questions

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