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Wooden posts can be bought in many different types, sizes and qualities. At Vinuovo, we have selected the best wooden posts for you.
Impregnated wooden posts or hardwood posts? We have them available on stock. Wish to know more? Just read our explanations.

Timber post 9x9cm - cross section laminated - straight/rounded end - multiple lengths
Palo autoclave 9x9cm - pressure treated - cross section laminated - various lengths
Hardwood post 9x9cm Angelim Vermelho

How to choose wooden posts for your garden?

Choosing the right wooden posts for your garden can be a tricky thing.

You don(t want to spend a fortune, but you do want good quality. Buying cheap is nice, but if the posts are rotten after only two years, it is of no use.
We are going to explaint to you on which points you have to pay attention when buying wooden posts for your garden.

In order to start, you have to ask yourself the following questions. Depending on your answers on these questions, we will explain here below on which things you have to pay attention so that choosing the right wooden posts becomes really easy.

  1. What do you plan to use the wooden posts for?
    1. As a wooden fence post
    2. wood posts for a wooden pergola, of for garden furniture such as a picnic table for example.
    3. As joists for a (floating) wooden terrace
    4. For a garden swing or a climbing frame
    5. For an outdoor planter (check our slotted fence posts)

  2. Do you wish to place the wooden post in the ground?

  3. Do you wish the wooden post to stay straight?
    This seems like an odd question, but we'll explain why we're asking it at the laminated wood section!

  4. How long do your wooden posts need to be?

Whatever you may decide to choose, never use untreated softwood posts! They may seem cheap, but they will rot away within 2 years only.

Wooden fence posts Wooden fence posts

Wood posts as wooden fence post

In case you decide to use wood posts for wooden fence posts, you have quite a lot of choice:

Wood types:

  • Hardwood
    hardwood posts are available in many types and sizes. We choose Angelim Vermelho by default and we explain why on our hardwood posts page.

  • Pressure treated wood
    Pressure treated wood is less expensive than hardwood and much easier to work with. However, you have to pay attention on the quality you choose. Sometimes buying less expensive finally becomes expensive.
    The quality of wood is expressed in the durability class of wood and the application class of wood.Pressure treated wood posts are sold in durability classes 2 (durable) and 3 (moderately durable).
    Class 3 is of course much cheaper and you often see it at DIY stores. I really recommend using class 2.

In addition, you can choose from wooden posts with different sections. The following sections are the most common for wood posts:

  • Wood posts 7x7cm (possible, but a bit fragile in my personal opinion)
  • Wood posts 9x9cm (I recommend this size as a wooden post for a fence)

We also have special wooden posts with slots or grooves into which you can slide fence boards. This makes it very easy to create your own customised fence! Read more about our slotted fence posts.

Post wooden for Pergola or garden furniture

Woudl you like to build your own wooden pergola, or a nice picnic table?

When you want to create a nice piece of furniture for the garden, it is especially important that the wooden posts have a nice smooth finish....
The wooden posts should be planed smooth. You can also buy a finely sawn wooden garden post, but it has a much rougher surface and is prone to splinters. I don't think that's such a good idea: are you just chilling on your homemade garden bench and all of a sudden you have a big splinter in your bottom...;-)

Also note that the edges are eased. This means that the edges of the wooden post have been planed a few millimetres oblique or round. This makes the edge less sharp. So more comfortable and less likely to splinter.

Garden furniture or a pergola will of course get wet from time to time due to rain, so you don't necessarily need to use wooden posts of durability class 2. Class 3 is also possible, but that is often cheap junk wood anyway.
You can also use hardwood posts for a pergola. With a good hardwood post, you can easily make a pergola 5 metres long without extra support in the middle. The wood may be more expensive per metre, but you need less.
Again, quality seems cheaper in the end. The choice is yours.

Post wooden for a garden swing or a climbing frame

For playground equipment, you just need wooden posts of the best quality.
The wood should be nice and smooth and very strong!

You don't want your little daughter having a nice swing and the post above her head breaking break off, do you?

Quality is never a 100% guarantee. Wood can always break and steel can always rust through or have a weak spot. But if you start with good wooden posts, the risk of something going wrong is the lowest!
Beware, splinters from hardwood are nasty and difficult to remove. I would opt for pressure treated and laminated wooden posts in this case.

At the bottom of this page, we explain what laminated wood or double glued wood is.

Slotted fence posts

Slotted fence posts are just terribly handy.

With slotted fence posts combined with KLINK boards or PLANK boards, you can very easily customise anything for the garden yourself.

We'll give you a list of examples here:

  • Fences and banisters
  • Customised wooden planters
  • Vegetable garden at height
  • Garden sheds and storage sheds

On our site you will find many more ideas and we will show you how to make it yourself with slotted fence posts.
To make it even easier, we have put together special kits and a configurator. You choose the right sizes, we cut everything to size, all you have to do is assemble it.

Fence post angle 268x9x9cm laminated pine, natural color

Out of stock

H Slotted Fence Post 268x9x9cm laminated pine, natural color

Out of stock

End Slotted Fence Post 268x9x9cm laminated pine,  natural color

Out of stock

Wooden fence board for KLINK Garden fence Natural - 177x14cm
Fence board PLANK Natural - 177x14cm
KLINK Fence Capping Rail 11,4 x 200cm - Natural
KLINK Middle Fence Capping Rail 174cm - Natural

Do you wish to place the post wooden in the ground?

Placing a good hardwood post in the ground is no problem ( provided it is class 1 or 2).

Placing pressure treated wood posts in the ground I do not recommend. Although a class 2 wooden post can withstand permanent ground contact, it still rots away faster and really won't last 25 years. Rather, count on 15 years, but that might be enough for you?
In our experience, wood posts slowly weaken. Your fence will start leaning after a few years. A big storm a year later will do the rest.... And then your fence is on top of the neighbour's new barbecue.... (so you can refund that too ...).

Wooden fence posts are best fixed to a concrete base with a good post foot. If you add up the costs of the base, base and post, you might as well go for a more expensive hardwood post straight away. You'll be done in one go.

I almost forgot, our galvanised metal fence posts are also suitable to be placed in the ground or cast in concrete.

Dig or bore a hole in the soil for your wood posts?

We are all tempted to just dig a hole, place the post in there, fill it up, and done!
Please don't do this, shame, chances are the post will soon sink sideways.


Over time, soil settles. That is, the space between the grains of sand disappears. The soil becomes much harder and firmer. When you dig a hole, you pull the whole thing apart again. Then you fill up the hole, quickly stamp it and you think it's okay. It can take years for the soil around the post to settle properly. In the meantime, the wind will have warped your fence.

It's better to use an auger to drill a Ø15cm hole for a 9x9cm post wooden. The soil around the hole will stay nice and hard. Insert your wooden post. Then you can fill the hole with fine sand. Rinse well with plenty of water so that the sand settles in, then everything is nice and solid!


How deep should the hole in the soil be in order to place my post wooden?

There is a standard rule that you can use to calculate how deep to dig something into the ground: 1/3 below ground + 2/3 above ground. Does your wooden post need to extend 180cm above the ground? Then divide 180 by 2 = 90cm deep. You then need a post wooden of 270cm long!


Laminated wood

Laminated wood or double-glued wood is used for 2 different reasons:

  • To ensure the wood stays straight and becomes stronger.
  • To make very large joists with smaller pieces of wood
    Think, for example, of the huge wooden joists that support the roof of a stadium.

With us, you will find laminated wooden posts measuring 9x9cm. We use these because they stay nice and straight and also make the wood stronger.
Wood consists of fibres in different directions, the rings in a tree trunk being the best-known example. The inner rings consist of much denser, harder wood than the outside.
When the wood starts to dry, it starts to work. Besides cracks occurring, the wooden post is also more likely to warp or twist. The wooden post then begins to resemble a wokkel.

To prevent this from happening:

  • The core of our treetrunks is cut in half lengthwise.
  • The 2 parts are then glued together again with their backs against each other and glued together under high pressure with a kind of roller.

This wood is called glued wood or laminated wood. When, as with our wooden posts, it consists of 2 core parts, it is also called duplo-glued.
To make sure it becomes really beautiful wood:

  • The wooden posts are planed and the corner edges chamfered.
  • And then they are high-pressure treated.

As a result, our pressure treated and laminated wooden posts achieve durability class 2 and application class 4.

Laminated, pressure treated wooden posts are considerably more expensive than untreated solid wooden posts (in one piece). The tree trunks are specially selected and it is of course more work to saw, glue, roll or laminate and then plane and impregnate them.
But then you do have very beautiful wooden posts that you will be able to enjoy for a very long time!

Wooden fence post - 7x7cm - pressure treated wood natural - 7x7x173cm
Wooden fence post - 7x7cm - pressure treated wood natural - 7x7x270cm
Wooden fence post - 7x7cm - pressure treated wood natural - 7x7x148cm
H Slotted Fence Post 268x9x9cm, natural color
H Slotted Fence Post 268x9x9cm laminated pine, natural color

Out of stock

End Slotted Fence Post 268x9x9cm laminated pine,  natural color

Out of stock

Fence post angle 268x9x9cm laminated pine, natural color

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Timber post 9x9cm - cross section laminated - straight/rounded end - multiple lengths
Palo autoclave 9x9cm - pressure treated - cross section laminated - various lengths
Hardwood post 9x9cm Angelim Vermelho
End Slotted Fence Post 9x9cm various lengths and colors
Fence post T 9x9cm various lengths and colors

Out of stock

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