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How to choose or to build deck stairs with landing?

With our kits for outdoor deck stairs and landings building your own deck stairs with landing becomes really easy!
Vinuovo offers over 10.000 different possibilities, so no doubt that you will find what you are looking for.

In this blogpost we will explain how to compose your deck stairs with landing, the different possibilities and how for example to add banisters to your deck stairs with landing

Unfortunately, not all the possibilities and versions are available on our website yet, we are working hard to get them online as quick as possible.

OK, here we go;

How to choose your deck stairs with landing?

You can use a stair landing in 2 ways:

  1. stairs > landing
    Useful for the entrance to a house, mobile home, next to your free-standing swimming pool or otherwise, of course.
    A hardwood stair landing can also be placed in the water as a jetty for your boat! It is a little tricky to put straight on the bottom, but once you have succeeded, it will last for decades. You can then use an outdoor staircase to descend from your garden to your jetty in the water

  2. Stairs > landing > stairs (and possibly for another landing > stairs)
    Our standard outdoor deck stairs go up to a maximum height of 7 steps. With a stair landing, you can connect multiple stairs and reach a greater height. You can also create a corner in your staircase


1- Choose the type of outdoor staircase you want to use.

Our stair landings are available in the heights that match the type of outdoor staircase that we propose.
We offer you outdoor deck stairs staircases in 3 different designs:

  1. Standard wooden outdoor deck stairs
  2. XL deck stairs (extra deep steps)
  3. Metal deck stairs, galvanized steel deck stair stringers with hardwood steps out of Red Balau - Bangkirai

Every type of our deck stairs has different heights per step, which is why you first have to choose the type of deck stairs you wish.
On our deck stairs page you will find more information about the various types of stairs.

2- Determine the height of your deck stairs with landing

Mesure the height you will be needing for your deck stairs with landing.

If your property is sloping down or up, bear this in mind! A staircase will extend into the garden, so if your property is not completely flat, the measured height at the wall will not be the same as at the foot of the stairs.

Use the table to find the number of steps (steps including landing) you need.


4- Configure your back stairs

Now that you know how many steps you will need, you can start assembling your deck stairs with landing.

To do this, choose 1 or 2 stairs with the right number of steps and the landing of the right height. The landing itself counts as 1 step!

You can assemble as follows:

Let's say you need a staircase with a height of 9 steps, you will have the following possibilities:

Possibility 1:

  • Deck stairs 4 steps
  • Landing height 5 steps
    (Mount the staircase of 4 steps against the extra support beam in the landing, the landing itself is then the 5th step.)
  • Deck stairs 4 steps
  • The total height is then 4+1+4= 9 steps

Possibility 2:

  • Deck stairs 6 steps
  • Landing height 7 steps
  • Deck stairs 2 steps
  • The total height is then 6+1+2= 9 steps

Possibility 3:

  • Deck stairs 3 steps
  • Landing height 4 steps
  • Deck stairs 5 steps
  • The total height is then 3+1+5= 9 steps

And so you can choose almost infinitely many possibilities!

5- How wide should your stairs and landing be?

Our outdoor stairs and landings are available in the following standard widths: 60 / 80 / 100 /120 /140 / 160 cm.

6- How long or deep should your landing be?

The standard length of our landings has been is adapted to the width of the decking boards used. (15cm per board, including the spacing between them)

Does the standard size not fit your project? Then you can easily cut the lengths of the beams and boards so that they fit your purpose.

At the entrance of a house, you will probably want a slightly longer landing in order to have more space in front of your door, which is, of course, very convenient!

Are you using the platform to extend a staircase or to create a corner?
Then please consider the following:

  • A square landing is usually the most beautiful.
    So, are you choosing a staircase that is 100 cm wide? Then choose a landing that is at least this long, for example 105cm.
    For a very wide staircase of 160cm, for example, you can also choose a slightly shorter landing, provided that you go "straight".
  • Do you want to create an angle in your back stairs with landing?
    Then the length should be at least greater than the width of your stairs. 
    This is because the top step will be rotated on the landing and this is only possible if the landing is longer than your staircase is wide.



Number of steps: Wooden deck stairs
Metal / hardwood deck stairs
XL deck stairs
2 37cm 35cm --
3 54cm 53cm 42cm
4 71cm 71cm 55cm
5 88cm 89cm 68cm
6 105cm 107cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
7 122cm 125cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
8 139cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
9 159cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
10 176cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
11 193cm
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
(1 landing)
12 210cm
(1 landing)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
13 227cm
(1 landing)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
14 244cm
(1 landing)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
15 261cm
(1 landing)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
16 281cm
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
17 298cm
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
(2 landings)
18 315cm
(2 landings)
19 332cm
(2 landings)
20 349cm
(2 landings)
21 366cm
(2 landings)
22 383cm
(2 landings)
23 400cm
(2 landings)


ATTENTION: The grey heights with 2 landings are not available as standard! 
Technically, we can make wooden platforms (or rather towers!) up to 5 metres high, no problem. The problem is in the transport: Internationally, we can only ship poles up to 250cm in length at standard rates. Longer is possible on request, but then you must quickly add 600€/700€ in transport costs and the delivery address must be accessible for a very large truck. You also need to have a forklift truck to unload the poles. That is quite difficult for most private persons...

What models of stair landings are available?

On our page deck stairs with landing you will find a list with photos and explanations of each model. For each model you can read what is included and what is not.

Before you choose your landing on this page, it might be easier when you understand the article description, which we will explain here:

For example, article : Stairs landing type AC-BO-H 6 steps 105cm

  • Outdoor stairs landing type = standard description
  • A = Landing type: 
    • A =Pressure treated pine wood 9x9cm,without provisions for banisters
    • D = Hardwood Angelim Vermelho 9x9cm,without provisions for banisters
  • C = type of steps: (the decking boards used for decking the landing of your deck stairs landing)
    • A =Pressure treated pine decking boards 120x28mm, both sides smooth (not available yet)
    • C =Pressure treated pine decking boards 145x27mm, 1 side smooth, 1 side with thin grooves
    • D = Hardwood Red Balau Bankirai decking boards 145x28mm, 1 side smooth, 1 side with 7 groves.
  • - = dash

  • BO = indicates with which type of decking stairs to be assorted:
    • BO = height / number of steps is suitable for our standard wooden outdoor stairs
    • ME = height / number of steps is suitable for our galvanized steel deck stair stringers
    • XL = height / number of steps is suitable for our XL wooden deck stairs

  •  H 6 steps 105cm = height indicated in number of steps and in centimeters

We can imagine this not being totally clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more details before ordering. We check every order we receive before sending it, in case we think that you have matched the wrong articles together, we will get in touch with you in order to go through the order together and check with you.

List of all the models of deck stairs with landing

Deck stairs landing AC

  • Made of impregnated, laminated softwood beams with head dimensions 85x85mm
  • Without banisters

AC-BO: for our standard wooden outdoor stairs/stringers:

AC-ME: for our deck stairs with galvanized steel stringers:

AC-XL: for our deck stairs with the XL stringers:

  • AC-XL - Height 3 steps - 42cm
  • AC-XL - Height 4 steps - 55cm
  • AC-XL - Height 5 steps - 68cm
  • AC-XL - Height 6 steps - 81cm

Deck stairs landing DD-NO

  • Made from Angelim Vermelho hardwood beams with head dimensions 85x85mm
  • Without Banisters

DD-NO-ME: for our deck stairs with galvanized steel stringers:

How to build your landing for deck stairs?

  • The deck stairs landing is almost completely pre-drilled and screwed together in our workshop.
  • Next we unscrew the platform, number the posts and wood joints and pack them together.
  • Place the poles and crossbars on a flat surface in order.
  • Screw all supplied screws into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Put the platform upright and lay the decking boards on it with an equal distance between them.
  • Screw the boards on.
  • Put the landing in place, now you can fix the deck stairs against it.

We will try to post a montage video as soon as possible!

Which tools are needed?

Normally, the following tools will be sufficient:

  • a screw drill
  • Screw bit TX20
  • Screw bit TX40

For the assembly of a hardwood stair landing you also need the following to pre-drill some screw holes:

  • (hard) wood drill Ø4mm (for mounting the decking boards)
  • (hard) wood drill Ø6mm (for mounting the stairs to the platform)

Depending on your desired additions and mounting on the wall or substrate, you may need additional tools.

What other fastening materials do you need?

It is not possible for us to determine exactly what you need to attach your outdoor stairs to the wall or the ground, this differs per walltype.
Read our blog post "How do you build wooden outdoor stairs?" where we give various tips for most wall types and substrates.