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Deck stairs
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Deck stairs with landing
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Garden steps, decking stairs or outdoor staircase, we've got what you need!

What are garden steps?

I don’t think there is an official explanation of the term garden steps, but for us it’s anything that helps you to get from one level to another, without trying to march on a slope.

There are as many different garden steps as there are ideas, so that should be a lot I guess!

Vinuovo specializes in garden steps made out of wood and steel and we try to provide you with as many ideas as possible. We would like to allow you to make your own garden steps that really fit your garden.

We have access to many different raw materials. Many of these materials are imported by ourselves which allows us to supply excellent quality for a reasonable price. We try to provide ready made kits, cut to size, easy to install and easy to extend to the height you need. 

Please don’t hesitate to send your own ideas to our customer service! We have many opportunities to help you out and we are always looking for new appliances for our garden step materials.

Have a look at the opportunities we provide to build your garden steps and we're looking forward to your feedback!

Yours sincerely,

The Vinuovo team

What can I use for Garden steps?

Garden steps or deck stairs are an important part of your garden or terrace. Your outdoor garden step ensures that height differences in your garden can be easily bridged and that it also looks nice and neat!

The most important thing, of course, is convenience - you need to be able to move easily from your balcony or terrace to the garden or through the different height zones in your garden. Of course, you can look for beautiful, and often expensive, ready-made stairs, but if you find any, they're often just not the right size and you'll spend a lot of money as well. That's why we recommend that you make your own garden steps, because with our ready-made components, kits and advices, it's really not that difficult!

Garden steps can be made out of various materials:

  • wood (hardwood or pressure treated soft woods like pine)
  • steel or metal (hot dip galvanized or powder coated) or stainless steel
  • stone; natural stone, tiles, concrete or any other shape
  • plastics or composite

Deck stairs

Vinuovo specializes in deck stairs out of wood and steel. 

We provide many different garden step kits, all ready to install. And we hope of course they suit your taste and needs ;-)

Besides allowing access to a deck, porch, balcony, swimming pool or rooftop, these deck stairs are also easy to install on a slope, allowing you to bridge any height difference in your garden. We’ll explain how to install these garden steps in our blog posts.

Would you like to personalize your Garden steps? All parts and fastening materials are available individually. This allows you to adept the height, width or any other dimension of your garden steps.

Do you have any specific questions? Please contact our customer service!

Steel & hardwood garden steps

Unique in Europe are our galvanized steel garden step stringers with hardwood steps out of 

Red Balau - Bangkirai. These garden steps give a modern touch to your garden and are virtually without maintenance.  Simply keep the wood clean to avoid a slippery surface and that’s all!

The steel stringers are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 steps. You can stack these stringers with our hardwood garden step supports to go higher if required.

These garden steps are also available with our standard pressure treated pine steps.

These kind of garden steps are ideal as porch steps, patio steps or to create steps to your front door.

FAQ - frequently asked garden steps questions

Can you buy ready made garden steps?

Yes you can! Vinuovo provides many different kits and materials to create your ow garden steps. These garden step kits contain all the materials you need. You only have to assemble the kit and fix it to your deck, wall or simply in the ground.

How do you make garden steps?

Making garden steps is not as difficult as it might seem to be. We provide many materials to allow you to do it simple, easy, fast and with style. More complex are garden steps out of stone or bricks. If you don’t have much experience in DIY, you might consider searching a professional.

What height should garden steps be?

There are no fixed dimensions for garden steps. It all depends on the comfort you would like and the type of slope you need to cross. In general each step should be between 14cm and 18cm in height.

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