Outdoor pizza oven

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Morso Forno outdoor pizza oven

Outdoor Living, the outdoor kitchen and outdoor cooking is becoming more and more important for families all over the country.

Morso has developed exclusive outdoor products to serve all social situations. The flames from the ovens create a social and cozy setting for all members of your family. Furthermore, it’s possible to use the Morso Forno as a smoke oven, bakery oven, BBQ and last but not least to make the best pizzas in the world.

Vinuovo was in 2014 the first official French dealer of the Morso outdoor cooking collection and we are still proud of it.

We don't only sell Morso products but we cook almost daily with them! You'll find all models in our showroom in Burgundy and often, you'll smell the wood fired barbecues and fire pits and maybe some tasty trials...

So in case you ask us for advice, we won't tell you something out of a book, we have used all of the Morso outdoor products and we now what we are talking about!

And there is more then the Morso Forno only...

The danisch brand Morso has ages of experience in cast iron wood fires, stoves and off course today's flagship, the Morso forno outdoor oven.

But there is lot's more in the Morso outdoor collection. First of all there is a wide range of Morso Forno accessories and covers available.

You think the Morso Forno is too big for your patio? What about the Morso Grill Forno 2? 

Morso accessories for Forno and BBQ

Morso Fire pits

FAQ - frequently asked Morso questions

Can I use the Morso Forno indoors?

No. You really should keep your Morso Forno outdoors. The wood fire generates lot's of heat and smoke (pending on the quality of the wood used).

What kind of wood should I use for my Morso Forno pizza oven?

Please don't use pine wood. Any other regular fire wood is ok, as long as it is as dry as possible. Wet wood generates lot's of smoke, so please try to avoid that.

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