Pergola or patio cover of wood or aluminium with retractable roof or canopy

Pergola kits in wood or aluminium, with retractable roof or canopy and all the parts you need to build your DIY pergola yourself!

How to choose a pergola or a patio cover?

Pergolas and patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, made from various materials such as wood, aluminium and iron and with various types of roof, such as a fixed shade cloth, a harmonica cloth that you can slide open and shut, waterproof or not, with a fixed roof of glass, wood or plastic sheets (although this is more of a veranda) or with a slat roof that you can open or close.
Of course, there are expensive and cheap pergolas, and there is almost always a difference in quality. But a cheaper pergola for your garden is not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what your expectations are...
There are also pergolas that you can easily install yourself and other complex shelters that are better left to a professional.

How to choose between all these possibilities? On this page, we will try and help you guide in that choice and we will show you the different possibilities that we can offer you in order to build your own pergola or to choose a good terrace roofing which you can possibly have installed by a professional.

What does a pergola cost?

When you are looking for a pergola or roofing, one of the first questions you will probably ask is: What exactly does a pergola cost? Pergolas start at a few hundred euros and can go up to 100.000 euros, it all depends on your wishes and expectations.
Our advice, first determine the maximum budget that you wish to spend and only after that, start looking at what kind of pergola this budget will allow you to buy. Be careful with the cheap pergolas, they can quickly become expensive.
I myself, a very long time ago, once bought such a "cheap thing" (still paid 700€) at a construction market, looked nice, a bit rickety, though. Once at home, I mounted it and screwed it into the ground. Later in the evening there was a big storm and not even 10 minutes later the pergola was folded in half 500 meters further in the neighbour's meadow!

This experience has by the way, been my main motivation to look for possibilities to buy or build a high quality and beautiful pergola for a reasonable budget!

So, when choosing a terrace covering, pay attention to the quality first. Choose a solid construction. After all, a pergola stands outside all year round in all seasons and weather conditions and it would be a bit of a waste of money if you would have to buy a new roof every year.
To give you a first impression of the prices of a pergola or roof, here comes a list of the general possibilities:

  • Wooden pergola: from 500€ to 2000€ including shade cloth
  • Iron or wooden pergola (DIY quality) from 200/300€, personally I don't recommend this...
  • Attached metal patio roof with fixed canvas: from €500
  • Aluminium pergola: from 1500€
  • Pergola with slatted roof: from 5000€

An important part of the cost of a patio roof is the transport and possible installation costs. Maximum prices do not really exist, you can always make a pergola as big and expensive as you want!

How to make a pergola myself?

How to make a pergola yourself is explained in detail in our blog post "How to make a pergola", so we recommend you to read this blog post first when you want to make a roof for your garden or terrace yourself.

For all the separate parts that you will be needing in order to make your own pergola, like connectors, beams, shade cloths, screws etcetera, please note that you will find the categories that you can select here above on the page.

Pergola or patio roof made of wood

We propose to you several possibilities and standard packages for a pergola or a roofing of wood for your garden or terrace.

Pergola made of wood

A pergola of wood is suitable, in combination with a (waterproof) harmonica shade cloth, in an easy and relatively cheap way to provide durable shade on your terrace. You can open and close the harmonica shade cloth to prevent leaves or snow from lying on it during autumn and winter. If you have built your pergola against your house, in front of a sliding door for example, it is also convenient to slide the harmonica cover open when you are not sitting under it. This way, the shade cover does not take away any daylight inside your home on the less sunny days.
A wooden pergola can also be closed with a fixed shade cloth, which is definitely cheaper, however, we recommend removing this shade cloth during winter season and reattaching it in the spring.

We can deliver wooden pergolas in the following wood types and sizes: (you can click on the link to go to the product info page and see all possibilities)

    • Angelim Vermelho hardwood
    • Impregnated and double glued pine wood
    • Douglas wood is unfortunately not available at the moment, our stocks are completely sold out and the fresh wood has to dry for months before it can be processed into a good end product.
    • A customised wooden pergola is possible in many cases, although we are limited by the fixed sizes of the harmonica shade cloths and a maximum beam length of 500cm.


    Of course, you can also close off your wooden pergola with reed or bamboo mats, wooden slats or climbing plants, for example. Although this is often cheaper, we do not recommend it. These solutions often provide only partial shade, are of course not watertight, often rot quickly and therefore create a lot of mess.

Wooden roofing or veranda

A wooden roofing can be a detached roofing or a porch.
A wooden roofing is a wooden structure which is closed with a fixed roof. You can think of the following possibilities:

  • Wooden roofing with a fixed waterproof canvas
  • Glass roofing - the roof and possibly the sides are sealed with safety glass plates.
  • Wooden roofing with roofing sheets which look like tiles, this is much lighter and cheaper than real tiles.
  • Wooden roofing with synthetic sheets which let light through
  • Wooden roofing with a roof of wooden planks. If these boards are mounted "over the roof", this can also be a watertight solution.
  • Wooden shelters with a roof of wooden panels on which shingles are glued.

All these roofs need a slope to allow water to be drained away. At this moment we do not have a standard solution available, but we are working hard on it and hope to be able to offer the first effective, affordable solutions this year.

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