Windmill Cast Iron - Starter set

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The Windmill Cast Iron Starter Set for Braai, camp fire, barbecue and oven is an ideal set to start cooking in cast iron.

Windmill Cast Iron - Starter set

Windmill Cast Iron Starter set for Braai, camp fire, barbecue and oven

The Windmill Cast Iron Starter Set for Braai, camp fire, barbecue and oven is an ideal set to start cooking in cast iron. The set offers you a Dutch oven with lid, 1 skillet (small frying pan), 1 sauce pan, 1 lid lifter (lid lifter), a cast-iron poffertjes pan and a heat-resistant glove. With this set you can really let off steam on any wood fire or barbecue!

Product specifications Windmill Cast Iron Starter set:

  • Dutch Oven 3L (25.5 cm Ø)
    The Dutch Oven is an age-old invention for cooking on an open fire. You can use the Dutch Oven to hang over the fire with a tripod, you can also place them over a stove or on the barbecue. A fire pit with briquettes also works
  • Poffertjes pan (24 cm Ø)
    Bake the tastiest poffertjes yourself with this cast iron poffertjes pan. Cast iron distributes the heat evenly over the entire pan and retains its heat well. The pan has a thick bottom that can withstand high temperatures. This way the poffertjes don't bake quickly ..
  • Lid lifter 260mm
    The lids get very hot and if you place briquettes on it you want to prevent ash from falling into your dish. Use the lid lifter to prevent you from getting burned and to lift the lid as straight as possible from the pan.
  • Heat resistant glove
    Cast iron products become very hot. Use the heat-resistant glove with anti-slip coating to prevent you from burning yourself. The glove can be worn both left and right.
  • Mini skillet (17.5 cm Ø)
    Convenient to use in addition to barbecuing for dishes that do not fit on the grid. Fried onion and mushrooms for example with hamburgers. The frying pan can also be used on a grid above the fire, on briquettes or above a stove and is also excellent for use indoors in the oven or on the (induction) hob.
  • Sauce pan (19 cm Ø)
    The saucepan can be used for various purposes, but is mainly used to make sauce. For example, make your own peanut sauce with peanut butter, water, soy sauce and chili powder
    At The Windmill we also love BBQs. There is (almost) nothing better than a game of low & slow smoked spare ribs, a nice grilled picanha or a pulled pork sandwich. Although these dishes can of course also be prepared on cookware from The Windmill

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