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Tomahawk of Black Angus in the Morso Forno - carnivores beware !

Tomahawk from Black Angus, a badass piece of meat that guarantees success !

You have to admit, a relaxed cow like this can only provide yummy meat, right?

A recipe for the meat lovers among us, the true pure carnivore, vegans and vegetarians, skip it, this is not suitable ( all due respect for every choice, everyone eats the way they want or can or should ) but personally I belong to the carnivore community ;-), I always think, if we were destined to eat vegan or vegetarian, we wouldn't need protein to be healthy and in shape, but that's just my humble opinion right?

So I went to Metro ( wholesaler for the catering industry in France) to get a Tomahawk of Black angus and invited a few friends to come and taste it, must say, interest was high and didn't have to ask twice, when they heard what I was going to prepare they were ready to come right away haha.

The tomahawk is the ribeye, with the bone still attached so that you can easily turn the piece of meat on the barbecue without poking holes in it with an aggressive meat fork, wouldn't that be a shame? That way it retains all its delicious juices...

To be honest, this is going to be a short recipe, because such a beautiful piece of meat should really not be touched, just treated with respect, i.e. take it out of the fridge half an hour before you are going to prepare it and let it come to room temperature so that the meat can 'relax'.


Done, with a bit of herb butter

Firmly fired up the Morso Forno ( around 250 degrees ) and made a good layer of charcoal, so took a while, doesn't matter, meat needs to relax anyway.

Just brush a little olive oil over it, more to prevent the meat from sticking to the Tuscan Grill than to add flavour, this meat is beautifully marbled and has a wonderful texture with just enough fat that will melt during cooking.

Just before you put the meat on the tuscan grill, which you place nicely above the layer of smouldering charcoal in the centre of the Forno, a bit of 'fleur de sel' and a few turns with the pepper mill ( 5 baies, I like the best ) over it and hop, onto the Grill !

Now it's a matter of taste, personally I find it a mortal sin, a lack of respect for the cow that sacrificed itself to end up on the Morso Forno, frying this beautiful piece of meat....but well, tastes differ

So my advice is, stay with it, because it goes fast, after about two and a half to three minutes turn the piece over, if there are nice dark brown stripes from the grill on the underside, you're good!

Fresh tomatoes from the garden, basil and mozzarella, always good !
And nice and red inside...

Same time for the second side, this way you get a beautiful almost crispy crust on the outside while it is still deep red inside here we even call that 'bleu'....

What I really like is to spread a generous dollop of herb butter on the meat that you now have to let rest again (yes, it needs to relax again, slowly recover from the temperature shock it has undergone and let all its delicious juices soak in...)...

If you manage to wait ten minutes, fifteen minutes, that's great! I find it very difficult because the delicious smells awaken a kind of primal instinct in me and I would prefer to eat the whole tomahawk right off the bone ;-), but well, some things you just have to respect and the wait is worth it !

Served with baby potatoes and a nice salad tomato is good ;-)