Outdoor wood fire pit

Fire pit

A brazier or fire pit is a design and esthetic outdoor heater. Using it is very simple. Simply light wood logs to start your fire. Equipped with a grid, a brazier can be turned into a real nomadic barbecue. You will discover the pleasure of improvised and spontanious barbecue parties with your partner, friends or family, the pleasure of a cosy night under the stars. A brazier will bring you a comfortable, cosy and warm ambiance in all circumstances.

Our brazier collection with brands as Morso, provide the add-on's that make the difference. Whether by their innovative designs and high quality standards, available accessories, but also by their efficiency assuring a nice fire with little wood consumption. Safety is very important when using a brazier; be carefull when buying cheap models... The temperature of a woodfire easily rises to 700°C, and a thin, low quality brazier wil simply melt down...

Morso Ignis fire bowl

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