Morso Electric barbecue

Morso balcone electric BBQ

There's only 1 electric BBQ worth looking at; the Morso Balcone!

I've been in BBQ land for quite some time now and honestly, when Morso proposed I would test the Morso Balcone, I wasn't really into it... Any electric BBQ I'd seen before was simply ready to scrap!

They shipped it to me anyway and I have to admit… It's really a surprising piece of work!

This electric barbecue is made completely out of cast aluminum (grill out of cast iron), very light, easy to take with you on the road, and it really gets hot…. something I’d never seen before on an electric BBQ!

So, my first test was simple. If it is capable of really grilling a veal steak of 4 cm, with really nice grill marks, I’ll take it into account… and surprisingly, it did!

On very lazy days, the Morso Balcone has become my favorite electric barbecue. Simply turn the switch, wait 10/15 minutes for it to get really hot, and grill whatever you like.

This is really the best barbecue to use on a balcony, in apartment buildings, anywhere where neighbors or owners complain about smoke, smell, dangerous wood fires or gas bottles.

Due to its small size, I even take it with me on holidays. A Braai unfortunately is a bit too large to handle in a family car, but the Morso balcone does the job ;-)

Anyway, I really recommend the Morso Balcone, we’ll get back to you with more experiences and recipes soon, stay tuned…

Morso Balcone Electric BBQ
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Morso Balcone Mounting Kit
Protective Cover Morso Balcone BBQ
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