Planter on wheels

A planter on wheels is the ideal solution for rearranging your patio in an instant.

Plants prone to frost?

Just roll them in with a planter on wheelsC.

Are you a catering entrepreneur with a terrace?

Rearrange it in no time with a planter on wheels.

Handy if you suddenly receive a group that wants to push tables together so they can all sit together.

No problem with a planter on wheels, too bad the tables don't have wheels too ;-)

And of course, there are many more situations in which it is handy to opt for a planter on wheels.

Let's go through a few things together.


Planter on wheels - CUBIC Planter on wheels - CUBIC

Black-line square outdoor planter on wheels 48x48x66cm - high model

Out of stock

Square outdoor planter 46x50x45cm Low black
rectangular planter 87x50x45cm Low grey-green
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x45cm rect. low grey
Trellis planter rectangular on wheels 87x50x130cm low pine grey-green

Out of stock

design rectangular planter on wheels 87x50x70cm - medium high black
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x95cm rect. high grey

Why choose for a planter on wheels ?

Why choose a planter on wheels ? Well, there are a lot of reasons why it is convenient to choose a planter on wheels.

Do you like to change your interior regularly? With a planter on wheels, you can now also do that outdoors very easily.

Do you like to throw the occasional party on your small terrace, patio or roof terrace, but do those planters get in the way? A planter on wheels simply rolls to the side or in the corner to make room for friends and family.

And the next morning, you simply roll the planter on wheels back to its familiar spot on your terrace. Or another morning later if you have a slight headache the day after the party ;-)

Do you like having different plants and flowers every year or even changing them regularly in terms of season? Daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses in spring, pretty hydrangeas in summer? Different plants have different needs for sunlight, a planter on wheels can easily be placed where the plant will do best and get the exposure it needs.

Any of the previous questions answered yes?

Then a planter on wheels is exactly what you need.



Our planters have sturdy caster wheels Our planters have sturdy caster wheels

Planter on wheels, durable and solid

Our planters on wheels are durable, and strong.

Danish quality and made for outdoor use with low maintenance.

Durable impregnated wood or wood plastic composite, robust and solid with a modern look that comes into its own in any garden.

The planters on wheels have sturdy casters and are easy to move, useful if you often want to rearrange your patio without too much effort.

The casters of our planters on wheels are of course equipped with a brake that prevents the planter on wheels from rolling away once you have placed it in the desired location.


Planters on wheels Planters on wheels

Planter on wheels, create your own green spot

Everyone knows that green spaces in the city are important.

I'm not telling you anything new with that.

A shopping street where shopkeepers have put planters on wheels outside has a much nicer feel than a bare shopping street with an empty pavement.

A terrace where tables are separated by planters on wheels with pretty flowers and lots of greenery is more likely to invite you to have a refreshment than an empty terrace on an tarmacked surface.

A terrace with planters on wheels that also have a trellis or a climbing plant rack giving you the feeling of not being fully in sight gives a sense of intimacy.
And even a small roof terrace or patio can become a relaxing spot with one or more wheeled planters on wheels.

Planter on wheels for outdoor use - CUBIC Planter on wheels for outdoor use - CUBIC

Planters on wheels outdoors

Our planters on wheels outdoors are made of material that is weather-resistant.

But can you use a planter on wheels also indoors?

Of course you can, material suitable for outdoor use can almost always be used indoors. The other way round is less often possible.

So in summer your roof terrace is nice and green and in winter you can simply bring the planter on wheels inside.

Just think about waterproofing it in advance because you don't want your planter on wheels to leak indoors.

Waterproofing your planter on wheels can be done with e.g. pond foil; before putting the soil in your planter on wheels, cover it with pond foil first.

Or you put a plastic bucket in your wooden planter in which you put your plants and then fill the space around the bucket with soil.

When you then water your plants, the water will stay inside the bucket and you won't get brown spots on your brand new parquet.

High planter on wheels - pressure treated wood High planter on wheels - pressure treated wood

How to fill a planter on wheels

Right, now you're thinking, all well and good with those wheels, easy to move you say, but once that high planter on wheels is completely filled with soil, it's so heavy that I really can't move it....

Okay, I understand, but you don't have to fill your high planter on wheels completely with soil.

Because your planter on wheels actually comes with a floating base that you simply install at the height you desire.

That's practical, just install the brackets as high as it suits you.

You only need to fill it halfway.

Or even less.

Just be aware of what you want to plant in your high planter on wheels.

Because an olive tree, for example, will need more than just 20 cm of soil;-)


Planter on wheels - impregnated wood Planter on wheels - impregnated wood

How much soil in my planter on wheels?

Did you pay close attention during maths classes back in the days?

To calculate how much potting soil you need to fill your planter on wheels, there is a simple formula.

Simply do : length x width x height ( in centimetres) and then divide by 1000.

Example, let's take our planter on wheels 46x50x45cm, so that becomes:

46x50x45 : 1000 = 103.50

So you will need 103.5 litres of potting soil to fill the wheeled planter.

Always handy to know in advance, so you don't end up with a load of potting soil you can't use, or have to go back to the garden shop because you didn't buy enough.


Green is need indeed Green is need indeed

Green is good for you, green is need indeed

Contact with nature increases happiness and reduces stress.

Scientifically proven.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an easy access to a garden, a park or the great outdoors.

Over 84% of the British now live in urban regions.

A planter on wheels gives you the opportunity to have a piece of green even on your little terrace, your front doorstep, your patio or your roof terrace.

You can let your creativity loose.

It will relax you.

Why do you think the park is always so crowded...

Green is good, green is need indeed ;-)

What other planters do you have?

Okay, as you were able to read above, a planter on wheels has a lot of advantages.

But maybe you would like a planter directly on the ground...

Or a raised planter box....

Or a trellis planter...

Or a vegetable garden trough...

We also have all these, for any size garden, terrace, patio roof terrace we have the right solution.

So feel free to look around in our other categories:

Your therapeutic - green is need indeed - planter is undoubtedly among them.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Hoe moet je een grote bloembak vullen?

A planter on wheels can be filled with a mixture of 40% soil, 40% compost and 20% aeration, which may sound a bit strange but the soil should be aerated, not compacted. Depending on the volume needed to refill the planter on wheels, you can add extra minerals if desired for the type of plant you want to plant in the planter.

What sorts of planters on wheels exist?

The planter on wheels is available in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your desire, you can choose from a square, rectangular, tall or a planter on wheels with trellis The shapes are all available in several sizes and they are easy to assemble.

Square outdoor planter 46x50x45cm Low black
Square outdoor planter 46x50x45cm Low grey-green
rectangular planter 87x50x45cm low black
rectangular planter 87x50x45cm Low grey-green
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x45cm rect. low grey
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x45cm rect. low Black
 square planter on wheels 46x50x70cm, medium high black
design square planter on wheels 46x50x70cm - medium high grey-green
design rectangular planter on wheels 87x50x70cm - medium high black
 rectangular planter on wheels 87x50x70cm, medium high grey
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x70cm rectangular medium high black
Large outdoor planter on wheels 120x50x70cm rect. Med high grey
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