Le Coin Cuisto (The Chef's Corner)

At Vinuovo we appreciate good food!

Something I noticed really fast after starting my new job ( while ago already )...

Moreover, we are also in France, in the heart of Burgundy, the land of gastronomy in abundance, a food culture deeply rooted in the local mentality.

This is not to say that food is not as good elsewhere, I have lived here for more than 20 years, but French chauvinism has not made me forget my Dutch roots...

But the range of beautiful products, tasty cheeses, beautiful wine, the local charolais beef and the weekly big markets with many local producers and the typically French hours of talking about food and the whole culture around it over a local glass of wine is something I really appreciate.

So when Vincent suggested I set up a Morso Forno at home and write a blog with recipes for 'work', I didn't have to think long about it...

That's not work, that's great fun!

In short; if you also have a passion for cooking and food, and if you are looking for great recipes and ideas that you can realise with the Morso Forno (inspiration from Alies) or the Braai (inspiration from Vincent), then I hope that you will find inspiration on our blog 'le Coin Cuisto' or 'the chef's corner'!

Happy reading-cooking and tasting,

Alies, assistant at Vinuovo and proud to be so ! ;-)

Venison roast in the Braai Venison roast in the Braai
The Morso Forno is ready to go The Morso Forno is ready to go
Duck maigret with orange Duck maigret with orange
Hasselback potatoes Hasselback potatoes

The gourmands of our blog 'the chef's corner' or 'le Coin Cuisto'...

Vincent, aka 'le Chef' Vincent, aka 'le Chef'

Vincent, aka 'le Chef'

Vincent, aka 'le Chef' who will be supplying recipes for the Braai, as mentioned on our homepage, the Braai is Vincent's great passion, a complete outdoor kitchen on wood that offers endless possibilities, grilling, roasting, smoking, baking, braising and so on, moreover Vincent is a real carnivore and gourmet so keep an eye on his recipes, as soon as he has some time available recipes will follow ;-)

Alies, addicted to the Morso Forno Alies, addicted to the Morso Forno

Alies, who is doing well with the Morso Forno

A passion for the kitchen is my middle name, good food, talking about it, trying and sharing recipes, keep an eye on our blog for regular new ideas and tips, cooking on wood gives just that extra tasty flavour and also a lot of fun ! If you have any original ideas of your own, I would love to read them, you can send them to nl@vinuovo.com !

Home made burger Home made burger
Chicken in the Forno Chicken in the Forno
Smoking meat Smoking meat
Morso Forno, a complete outdoor kitchen Morso Forno, a complete outdoor kitchen
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