Heatsail DOME® design electric patio heater

Most Heatsail products are manufactured upon order, the average delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks

Heatsail DOME® free-standing electric patio heater, pure design and lot's of comfort during the colder moments outdoor !

Heatsail DOME® design electric patio heater

Heatsail DOME design infrared electric patio heater

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No better background scenery for a nice long conversation than a sultry summer night!

Why not heating up your patio outside? Heatsail DOME® design electric infrared patio heater will warm the cosy ambiance and light up your for ever lasting summer night, even in winter time!
Heatsail DOME® patio heater is 100% state-of-the-art Belgian product with a timeless design and almost maintenance-free.

The Heatsail DOME will provide you comfortable heat (2 heating positions) and cozy dimmable light. The color you choose for the inner side of the DOME will have a high impact on the color of the light: Gold shines a cozy warm color, silver has a whiter daylight effect. We personally have a preference for gold but it will depend on how you are planning to use your Heatsail DOME. If you’re planning to work a lot underneath the DOME, like in a garden office for example, you might have a preference for the silver inner-color.

On the outside, the Heatsail DOME is standard available in Midnight black and Snow white. Any RAL color is available as an option.

The Heatsail Dome is available in 4 different models:

  1. The DOME Arch. (This version) with feet, this model can be placed anywhere.
  2. The DOME Arch wall: This model has a wall bracket at which the arch is connected. It’s a low-wall connection in fact.
  3. The DOME wall has a wall bracket that is to be mounted higher up the wall. This wall bracket provides more free-space under the wall bracket enabling you to pass under the bracket.
  4. The DOME pendant, suited to be mounted on the ceiling.

The following options are available for your Heatsail DOME:


Heatsail Dome +25% heat option Heatsail Dome +25% heat option

Heatsail DOME +25% additional heat (standard on any Heatsail DOME since 2021)

A couple of years ago, Heatsail developed high performance ceramic heat elements for the DOME.

The heat elements have been available as an option for many years. As this option is highly recommended, it has become the standard since 2021. (So it’s not an option anymore in fact)

Heatsail Dome 4 wheels option Heatsail Dome 4 wheels option

Heatsail DOME 4 wheels (Chosen by Vinuovo as the standard and offered for free on any Heatsail DOME)

Any Heatsail DOME is equipped with 2 wheels. As an option, 2 additional wheels are available. We at Vinuovo think 4 wheels should be the standard, so we offer you the 2 additional wheels for free!

Be aware, the additional weight option is not compatible with 4 wheels. The feet of the DOME Arch are already filled with 40kgs of cobblestones, adding the additional steel plates will get too heavy for the wheels.)

To avoid your Hetasial DOME rolling away in heavy winds, we have a simple solution: Drill a hole in your patio on the DOME’s parking or most used position. Screw an insert in it. Use the middle top hole visible on the photo of the bottom plate. Push a bolt through it and fix it on the floor. Your Heatsail DOME won’t go anywhere unless you want it to! If you would like to place you DOME elsewhere, or simply would like to clean your patio underneath, simply unscrew the bolt, move your DOME, and place it back afterwards.

Heatsail Dome height extender option Heatsail Dome height extender option

Heatsail DOME height extension fixture

Use the DOME height extension fixture to create a vertical clearance height of 195 cm instead of the standard 180 cm.

I understand most tall people are tempted to choose this option, but please only use it if you really need it! This option also extends the distance between the heater and your seating position and will reduce the heating effect!

So if you have a lounge set or a regular dinner table underneath, please use the standard height. If you are planning to put a bar table underneath or in public areas, yes, we recommend this height extension.

Heatsail Dome additional weight (not possible with the 4 wheels option!) Heatsail Dome additional weight (not possible with the 4 wheels option!)

Heatsail DOME additional weight

This option consists of heavy steel plates that you add to the cobblestones in the foot of your Heatsail DOME Arc. It will reduce the risk of your DOME being blown away by heavy winds but your Heatsail DOME it will also be very difficult to move your DOME elsewhere. Like explained above, we recommend the additional wheels, but the choice is up to you off course.

Heatsail Dome option in any possible RAL color Heatsail Dome option in any possible RAL color

Heatsail DOME in any RAL color

The DOME® is available in the standard colors of Midnight black or Snow white.

Optionally, the DOME® is also available in any RAL color.

Especially in high season; please be aware this option will extend the delivery lead-time as all parts have to be manufactured upon order.

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