Deck stairs extension support

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With this extension support you can connect 2 deck stair kits. Pending on the chossen model, you can create a deck stair up to 14 steps high !

Deck stairs extension support

Deck stairs extension support

With this extension support you can connect 2 Gardenstair kits. Take for example 2 Gardenstair kits of 7 steps. Connect them with this support and create a outdoor staircase of 14 steps up to 241 cm high.
Our standard outdoor staircase kits are only available up to a height of 7 steps, or 122cm. Many people are looking for a longer outdoor staircase. For them, we have developed this extension support.

How to extend your deck stairs?

It is actually quite simple!

  • Assemble the support according to the assembly instructions and with the aid of the assembly video.
  • Place the support upright and screw the stringers of the lower outdoor stair kit against it. Further assemble the staircase according to the instructions.
  • Screw 2 or 3 Steel mounting brackets for staircase stringer on the support as shown in the video below
  • Slide the lower external staircase with support into the desired position.
  • Place the stringers of the top outer staircase in the mounting brackets and against the wall/floor at the top of the outer staircase. Slide the lower part until the stringers fall perfectly into the mounting brackets and against the wall.
  • Screw the stringers of the upper outdoor staircase into the brackets. Mount the steps of your outdoor staircase.


How to choose the extension support for your outdoor staircase?

Follow the steps below to make the right choice:

Measure the desired height of your outdoor staircase and choose the best-fit combination from the list below:

  • Height up to 122cm; choose a standard outdoor staircase kit with up to 7 treads
  • Height 139 cm = 8 steps 2x outdoor staircase 4 steps + support for outdoor staircase 4 steps (coming soon!)1x outdoor staircase 6 steps + support + outdoor staircase 2 steps
  • Height 156 cm = 9 steps 1x outdoor staircase 7 steps + support + outdoor staircase 2 steps
  • Height 173 cm = 10 steps 1x outdoor staircase 7 steps + support + outdoor staircase 3 steps
  • Height 190 cm = 11 steps 1x outdoor staircase 7 steps + support + outdoor staircase 4 steps
  • Height 207 cm = 12 steps 1x outdoor staircase 7 steps + support + outdoor staircase 5 steps
  • Height 224 cm = 13 steps 1x outdoor staircase 7 steps + support + outdoor staircase 6 steps
  • Height 241 cm = 14 steps 1x external staircase 7 steps + support + external staircase 7 steps

Want to go even higher? You could, but we recommend you use a Deck stair with landing.

Assembly instructions:

  1. Ensure that you have a good foundation of hardwood or concrete so that the posts of your outdoor staircase do not sink into the earth/ground.
  2. Place all parts of the outdoor staircase support on a flat surface.
  3. Slide the power legs (the slanted boards) and the cross board into the pre-milled holes.
  4. Screw everything with the screws supplied, the screw holes are pre-drilled. You will need a screwdriver with torx bit TX40 and TX20.
  5. Have someone hold the support upright.
  6. Place 1 stringer against the pre-drilled holes. Drill, through the pre-drilled holes of the support, the screw holes for the stair stringer: Ø6mm, depth 60mm. You need a drill with a Ø6mm diameter and a minimum length of 150mm.
  7. Screw the stringer in place with the screws supplied.
  8. Repeat this for the remaining 1 or 2 stringers (depending on the width of your garden stairs: 2 stringers for a width of 60 to 100cm, 3 stringers for 120 to 160cm).
  9. Then screw the fasteners to the support that you want to use for the upper outdoor staircase. We recommend the Steel mounting bracket for staircase stringer. (Not included with the support). In most cases, you can also use these to fix the top staircase to the wall, balcony etc.
  10. Place the upper stringers in the brackets (without screwing) and slide the lower stringer back and forth until the upper stringers fit perfectly in the bracket and against the wall. Only then should you screw the stringers in place.
  11. When the stringers of both the upper and lower stairs have been properly attached to the ground and the wall, you can finish your outdoor staircase by screwing on all the boards for the steps.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I would like a staircase 60cm or 80cm wide, but I can only see supports from 100cm wide. Why is that?

Answer: We do not consider a 60 or 80 cm wide support to be sufficiently stable. If someone were to stand on the stairs wobbling, the risk of the stairs moving sideways or even falling over is too great! Less than 100cm wide is possible, but only if you can attach the support/stairs to a wall.By the way, you can also attach 60/80 cm wide stairs to the 100 cm wide support. The holes for attaching the stringers to the support are pre-drilled at 60 cm intervals. With a garden staircase of 80 or 100 cm wide, the steps protrude over the stringers on the left and right. This is to prevent the steps from bending. When attaching an outside stair of 60 or 80cm wide to the support, the support extends 10 or 20cm on both sides.

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