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With this deck stairs configurator, you can design your own outdoor staircase! Select stringers, risers, countersteps, decking steps in wood or metal. The deck stair configurator will calculate the price and show you the availability. You'll be ready to order immediately.

Deck stairs configurator - design your own outdoor staircase!

How does the deck stairs configurator work?

An outdoor stairs is an important part of your garden. Do you need to bridge a height difference between your terrace and the garden? Is your step to or from your house, mobile home or jetty a little too high?

Our outdoor staircases offer a suitable and comfortable solution, and they are also just beautiful and give a neat result.

At Vinuovo we offer you a choice between various materials, steel or wooden stringers, and steps in impregnated softwood or tropical hardwood; you can compose your outside staircase completely according to your own taste.

How does our deck stairs configurator work?

The first thing to do is to choose the number of steps you need for your external staircase, which basically means that you need to know how high you want your stairs to be and whether you want steel or wooden stringers.

We also offer the possibility of choosing deck stairs with extra deep treads, our XL staircase, this model has a smaller slope and is easier to walk on, especially if you are a little disabled or looking for a higher comfort, this model is the right one for you!

Our XL models are available with 3, 4 or 5 steps.

Can't find the desired height in the offered heights?

Then you can either choose a staircase that is a little higher and saw off the underside of the stringers a little, you then have a first step that is a little lower than the others, or a staircase that is a little lower than the desired height and attach it to your terrace or wall so that you have a staircase with a last step that is a little lower than the other steps.

Next, specify the desired width.

We offer kits for stairs with a width of 60 to 160 cm.

In order to ensure good stability of the stairs, a stringer must be mounted every 60 cm of width.

Our garden steps kits from 60 to 100 cm wide come with two stringers and from 120 to 160 cm wide with three stringers.

Now it's time to choose which steps you wish to use for your outdoor deck stairs.

Vinuovo offers 3 different types of steps for your deck stairs:

Step type A : The outdoor stair step type A is a smooth impregnated softwood plank with a head dimension of 120x28mm. This stairstep is available in 60cm and 120cm length. Two type A planks are delivered per step, including the right number of screws.
In the ends of these stair step planks there are 2 pre-drilled holes; we supply the Reisser TKS-RVS 6x60mm screws with an extra large screw head.
Are you opting for a stairstep of 120 cm width? Then we supply the Reisser TKS-RVS screws, 2 Reisser 5x60mm stainless steel screws, for fastening the running boards to the middle stringer. The holes for these screws are not pre-drilled. Thanks to the small screw head, these screws are hardly visible.

The pre-drilled Type A treads only exist in widths of 60cm and 120cm, therefore they are not available for the other widths.

Also, these steps are not suitable for the metal stair stringers as they are pre-drilled and the drilling holes do not match the pre-drilled holes in the metal stair stringers, so you cannot choose these for the metal stair stringers either.

Step type C : The outdoor stair step type C is a smooth impregnated softwood plank with a head dimension of 145x27mm, on one side a double ridge profile, on the other side smooth. So you choose the surface you prefer!

This stair plank is available in 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm and 160cm width.
There are no pre-drilled holes in these decking planks, so you are free to place the stair tread where you wish.
With these stair treads we supply you with sufficient Reisser stainless steel screws 5x60mm, with which the stair tread boards are attached to your stair tread. Thanks to the small screw heads, the screws are hardly visible.

Step type D : The step "type D" is sawn from Bangkirai hardwood. These planks are planed smooth on one side and have 7 ridges on the other side. These planks have a head size of 28x145mm.

The last option we offer you is to choose the stairs with or without risers.

The riser is actually the height difference between two steps, you can also leave this open, it's simply a matter of taste.


We make sure that the kit will be delivered to you with the right number of screws, nuts and bolts, it really couldn't be easier!

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