Heatsail Dome All Weather Protective Cover

Most Heatsail products are manufactured upon order, the average delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks
Heatsail Dome All Weather Protective Cover

Dust Cover for Heatsail DOME Patio Heater - free-standing model

The  protective cover for your Heatsail DOME must be placed over the dome itself (after it has cooled down) and closed properly using the convenient zip, this will increase the lifespan of your patio heater.
Recommended by Vinuovo: Heatsail DOME protective cover. Even though the patio heater is already weather resistant; we highly recommend investing in this extra layer to further increase the life expectantcy of your Heatsail DOME. It will help prevent discolouration from the sun and avoid dirt build up. As the cover has a plastic lining; REMEMBER to check from time to time that no condensation has built up inside; if this happens, just take the cover off and let your patio heater air for a while.

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