Heatsail Electric patio heater

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Heatsail Electric patio heater

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Heatsail Dome at a patio near the Duoma a Milano Italy Heatsail Dome at a patio near the Duoma a Milano Italy
Imagine a Heatsail BEEM electric patio heater in your place Imagine a Heatsail BEEM electric patio heater in your place
Heatsail Disc by Piet Boon electric patio heater Heatsail Disc by Piet Boon electric patio heater
Heatsail LEAF electric garden heater and parasol Heatsail LEAF electric garden heater and parasol
Heatsail Dome white electric patio heater on a rooftop Heatsail Dome white electric patio heater on a rooftop

The most beautiful patio heater in the world?

The Heatsail collection of design electric patio heater is honestly the most beautiful in the world!

The Heatsail Dome freestanding or pendant heater, also available for wall mounting. And the newest model Beem is is also really gorgeous!

Ever lasting summer nights... all year round!

Summer or winter, with the Heatsail collection you will enjoy your time outdoors all year round!
Nothing beats a Heatsail Dome or Beem on your pation, in your veranda, porch or mancave... or use them indoors in any space which is not heated permanently!

Timeless design by Heatsail

Get seduced by the elegant shapes of the Heatsail patio heating collection, and by the high quality of the finishing and classy looks!
For the color of the interior of the Dome hood for example, you can choose between gold, for a more warm and cosy light and silver where the light color will shift to a day light like ambiance.

Simply push the button to switch on the heat or light functions of your electric patio heater Heatsail DOME, BEEM or LEAF!
Heatsail is een 100% Belgian product and in cooperation with Heatsail, we provide excellent after sales service!

Why is Heatsail infrared heating so comfortable?

The ones among you who have visited a sauna, might have experienced the difference between the heat of an infrared sauna and a regular sauna heated by hot air from a sauna stove. Infrared heat penetrates your body whereas heat from a stove heats-up the outside. To be honest, in a sauna I prefer the external 90°C heat of the stove, but I don’t like to sweat that much on my patio!

I’m a Heatsail reseller, since when?  2012 I guess, and I had many wonderful opportunities to test the Heatsail Dome electric patio heater myself during these years! We had the Braai in an old barn, with the Heatsail Dome as a heater above our dinner table next to it. (the high version above a bar table). Imagine the combination of a Braai with a Heatsail Dome… in your place… for over 10 years…(summer AND winter!) I really hope you like your friends and family as they will step by very often!

Without kidding; The heat of a wood fire next to your dinner table is more than pleasant, but one side of the table gets hot (amazing how women know in advance how to choose the best seats…), but the other side of the table gets really cold. Some good wine will help a bit but doesn’t last until the end of the evening!

A Heatsail Dome, Beem, Disc or Leaf really brings comfort to everyone. The long infrared rays penetrate the body, keeping you warm all night long.

The comfort of Heatsail Infrared electric patio heaters The comfort of Heatsail Infrared electric patio heaters

How Far Infrared works on our health

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. Far Infrared energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and helps in all aspects of bodily growth and development.

The body has its own mechanism for producing FIR which stimulates healing and cellular repair. When the body is exposed to Far Infrared rays our healing processes are stimulated and our body’s own repair responses are activated restoring function and detoxifying. Far Infrared Thermal treatment detoxifies the body of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

Due to today’s high levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal, is often compromised. Some of us have reached critical stress and/or toxic levels and we do not have the energy to detoxify or repair our bodies. The internal production of Far Infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues and is associated with a variety of healing responses will respond to the boost given by Far Infrared Rays. The Far Infrared Rays will be selectively absorbed by those tissues needing a boost in their output.

So for healing and detoxification to occur successfully we often require a boost of Far Infrared energy to maximise healing responses. Thermal energy will rise, tissues will become more active and the pace of metabolism will increase. It is almost like re-charging the body’s battery. The intensity of Far Infrared energy produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments.

When the Far Infrared energy levels begin to decline, we are subject to attacks of illness and tend to age more quickly. Far Infrared Rays help to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants, rejuvenates the cells, tissues and organs of the body thus facilitating a return to health. Health and medical professionals in Japan (and more recently in Canada) have been using far infrared thermal systems to rehabilitate and treat a multitude of ailments for the last 14 years.

The Benefits of Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

Some benefits are shown below:
- Detoxifying
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Stimulates Increased Circulation
- Boosts Immune function
- Pain Relief
- Relaxation

What is far-infrared?

Far Infrared rays are responsible for the heat produced by any Heatsail electric patio heater.

Far Infrared (FIR) rays are an invisible spectrum of sunlight discovered by a scientist named Sir William Herschel in 1800. His research led to the discovery that there were not only the known visible rays - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet plus the invisible rays, Gamma and Ultraviolet but also a previously unknown ray later named Infrared.

FIR rays are present in the spectrum between visible light and microwaves. This invisible band of light is felt as heat. Approximately 80% of solar energy is made up of FIR and 60% is between the range of 10-20 microns. The human body generates FIR between 8-14 microns.

When our bodies are heated by FIR rays the activity level of our atoms are increased and heat can be generated. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Prize Winner and the discoverer of vitamin C, believed that all energy from the sun has profound effects on us. His research showed that light can literally alter the body’s basic biological functions.

So, besides comfort and relaxation, the Heatsail electric patio heaters also have a scientifically proven effect on your health!

FAQ - frequently asked electric patio heater questions

What is this terrace heaters hourly rate when switched on?

The DOME® uses 5x less energy compared to classic gas-fuelled patio heaters.
Electricity prices obviously vary from one country to another and by consumer, but generally you can count on:
0,02 € per hour for the lighting
0,50 € per hour for the heating (using maximum heating performance)
The lamp and the heating can be switched on separately, the heating has 2 positions of intensity!

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